Saturday breakfast

I’ve been getting my hair done at the Aveda Academy on Market Street for years (it’s the best place in the world, seriously). Whenever I go there, I think about how I should check out the cute little breakfast place next door, someday. Today, B met me after my 8:30 (!) hair appointment and we got our butts over to the Delectable Egg.

It’s adorable inside, with exposed brick, lots of art, and high wood ceilings. It was crowded, but not too crowded — there was no wait, so this is a good alternative to trendy spots like Snooze, where the masses congregate every weekend morning and wait and wait (although Snooze is awesome, sometimes you just want to get in and eat). I ordered the Tex-Mex omelette, which has diced green chiles, refried beans, avocado, a flour tortilla, cheese, and sour cream (well done). It comes with pork green chili, but I got salsa instead. It was yummy, and I’ve never thought of putting a tortilla in an omelette but duh, it totally makes sense. I want to try making something like this, maybe with black beans (although B insists black beans will be too messy). Their coffee was good, too (and I’m a total snob about coffee).

Next on the agenda, now that we’re well-fed and up at at ‘em at a reasonable hour: a trip to Target (fire pit); Home Depot (plants, dirt, pots, maybe paint for the living room if I get my way); and Paulino Gardens (plants).

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