The Asshole’s Guide to Insulting Women

I don’t know any (openly) sexist asshole men in real life. Really. So I’m always amazed when I encounter asshole men on the Internet.

The thing about sports is that it, well, tends to be an old-boys’ club. The sports world is full of sexist shit that pisses me off if I think about it too much (and, honestly, I’m not often prone to do that, because I don’t always want to be addressing Big Issues in the context of something I enjoy just for the hell of it, which I suppose is lazy of me). Commercials aired during sporting events or programs often are sexist. There are sexist athletes and sexist columnists, and I hate it all, but I try not to hold it against sports as a whole. That would be like being a Cubs fan, but hating the Cubs because of Cubs fans.

That said, there’s one place where the sports assholes come out in droves and it drives me batshit insane every freaking time I see it. It’s a land where you’ll see Asshole Stupidus in its natural environment, taking a gigantic dump on women and human decency.

It’s the land of the Deadspin commenters.

Let’s consider some examples, shall we? These are just from the past two days.

Here we have a post that includes a picture of a Patriots cheerleader. She’s young and you can get a personalized, autographed picture of her. Okay, fine, what’s the big deal?

Comments on this post include [my comments are in brackets and italics]:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s got some stiff competition for Horse of the Year. [Haha she's ugly and so is a rich and famous woman who has nothing to do with this post!]
  • I remember this story from last year and clearly recall this chick was somewhat attractive. What the hell happened? [Haha she's ugly!]
  • Rebecca, Thanks a lot for causing my testicles to ascend back into my body. I really appreciate it. [Thanks for telling us about your testicles!]
  • Looks like she got beat up by her Masshole boyfriend. [Comment that refers to her as ugly and abuse victim. Hilarious!]
  • Meh. (still would though) [This from someone with the username KazMatsuisAnalFissure.]
  • I don’t think she even qualifies as an attractive Arena Football cheerleader. Maybe AFL2. [Haha she's ugly!]
  • Dance 10, looks 3. [Comment 1, looks ???]
  • I’ll pass. Seriously, I we need to start establishing some boundaries on what’s a “yes” around here. [Apparently without boundaries and guidelines, we are not intelligent enough to determine who is too ugly for us to be sexin'.]
  • Oh, like you don’t think she belongs in the Butterface All-Stars? [Obligatory Butter Face reference? Check!]

Then we have a post about the backlash against Erin Andrews. I thought the post was well-written and interesting, and agreed that the dress Erin was wearing was appropriate for the situation. Mike Nadel, who wrote the column being discussed, looked like an asshole. The Cubs players discussed in the column looked like immature boys who can’t function like normal adults around an attractive, intelligent woman wearing a summer dress.

But wait until you get to the comments:

  • Am I the only one here who would rather nail Linda Cohn than Erin Andrews? [Are you the only one here who gives a rat's ass whom you'd like to nail? I thought so.]
  • This is exactly why she looked like a bimbo. If you want to be taken seriously you dress for the job. That dress is intended to be worn while going out to pick up men, not to be taken seriously as a journalist. When she interviewed Theriot post game, he couldn’t even make eye contact with her. [If Theriot couldn't make eye contact with her, isn't that HIS problem rather than hers?]
  • Butter-Face [Haha! No really! That's the whole comment! So original! So funny!]
  • Jesus, bringing up Linda Cohn just completely killed my hard on. She’s all teeth. [Thanks for telling us about your penis. Is this the most action it has seen since the Cubs won the World Series?]
  • Erin Andrews reminds me of the drunk chick at parties who overtly flirts with every guy she can in the shortest amount of time except for me. Her whole act is just too forced, and she comes off like a fucking idiot sometimes. [Fixed that for you!]
  • EA would get sideline interviews no matter what she wears, so why set yourself up for this kind of criticism by wearing something that’s obviously unnecessarily casual? [Why fall into the trap of criticizing a woman for the behavior of those who will criticize her?]
  • as she bent over to shake Aramia Ramirez’ hand, she said: “Good for you…these are gOoOoOoOod for you”…as she shakes her goods for Ram Ram… [???]
  • A well tailored pants suit doesn’t look dowdy or dykey. [Token lesbian insult.]
  • You know what would be awesome? Having sex with Erin Andrews. [You know what would be awesome? For you, I'd guess, having sex with another human. For me, it would be living in a world where assholes stop objectifying women like this.]
  • She has to do more and be better than other journalists in order to attain credibility, otherwise there are people like me who say she got where she is because she’s pretty. If she wants to be taken seriously as a journalist, then she needs to tone down the wardrobe. [Actually, I think the problem is "people like" you who say she got where she is because she's pretty. She's not responsible for your issues or judgment of her.]
  • I’d do her.
  • Look, Erin Andrews isn’t a “journalist.” She’s just the token bimbo that ESPN trots out there to ask softball questions during baseball games, so she dresses like one. And she is an average-looking blonde. [Are you the token asshole?]
  • if she wants to be taken seriously, she has to err on the side of dressing conservatively. [Really? According to you? You're too stupid to take a woman seriously because she dresses less conservatively than you think she should? How sad for you.]

From these examples and more, I’ve learned from Deadspin commenters that, if you’re an asshole and you want to assert your superiority and power over a woman who has the misfortune of encountering you, either in person or on the internet, it’s as easy as following these three steps:

1. Insult a woman for being ugly or fat.

This is by far the best option and should always be your default position. There’s no need to be original here. A two-word comment of “Butter Face” will suffice because really, that one hasn’t been used enough. Obviously, a woman who is ugly and/or fat is completely irrelevant, so commenting on a woman’s ugliness lets everyone know that she is of no importance whatsoever. Don’t be afraid of this option if you’re a woman! Nothing says “I’m one of the guys” like insulting a poor, innocent cheerleader’s appearance.

2. Insult a woman for being a slut.

Unfortunately, not all women are ugly. In fact, some women are hot. Also, there are some instances, especially on the internet, where you have no idea what a particular woman looks like. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the hot woman or a woman of unknown attractiveness by calling her a slut or a whore. Being a slut is the next best thing to being ugly. You can’t take seriously anything a slut says or does, and a slut is automatically reduced to nothing but boobs and a dissipating vapor of sex appeal that will never amount to anything of substance. Even women who are unwilling to call another woman ugly or fat will use the slut label in the right circumstances.

3. Insult a woman for being a bitch.

You might not know what a woman looks like or anything about her sexual behavior or preferences. In these limited instances, you always can resort to the fall-back position of calling a woman a bitch. The bitch insult is always appropriate and can be used in conjunction with ugly and/or slut. “Bitch” is a very common insult; therefore, some innovation may be necessary. Innovative ways of saying “bitch” include: uptight, needs to get laid, harpy, dyke, killjoy, and one who takes things (especially the internet) too seriously.

So there you go. Hopefully, one day this kind of shit will die out. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to make fun of it.

116 thoughts on “The Asshole’s Guide to Insulting Women

  1. Different forum. Same people.

    In the mountain biking forums I frequent, people get all over each other for so much – it’s crazy the disrespect people have for others.

    But it will never stop as long as people can be anonymous.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know you were such an interesting writer beyond 140 words. (Obvious Twitter reference.)

    I was really feelin’ your commentary about each post. “[Comment 1, looks ???]” – Oh Snap!

    I admire anyone who has the patience to read the comments section on most any blog. Seems like people just use that area of a webpage to let out their inner 12 year old. Since I have evolved to a 13 year old, I frown upon these preteens and their immaturity.


  3. Haha, thanks man.

    What’s weird is that I really like reading the comments on Jezebel (a “sister” site of Deadspin that is aimed at women). They’re often more interesting than the posts. Of course, they moderate the hell out of comments and ban people who act like idiots. On the one hand, I don’t really like that level of policing, but on the other hand, it keeps out the stupidity most of the time.

  4. As a Deadspin commenter, I do agree with you, there is a bit of sexism present in some of the comments, usually the ones posted by people who aren’t very funny. However, you’re coming off as petty, churlish and oversensitive. And I’m not quite sure how that makes you superior.

  5. Oops, that last response was to StuScottBooyahs.

    To NBP, good job of following the three-step approach outlined in my post. Calling me “petty, churlish and oversensitive” is the same thing as “insult a woman by calling her a bitch.”

  6. Deadspin used to be a lot better about that, or so I recall. It does seem to have degenerated lately (possibly with Leitch leaving?), but insecure sports fans leaving anonymous comments about a woman’s appearance will, sadly, never go away.

    Thanks for calling it out, though!

  7. If this wasn’t all taking place on the Internet, I’d hug you right now. Seriously, this is exactly my problem with sports blogs: even if the authors are enlightened (or so cartoonishly sexist that it’s clear they’re not serious), the commenters are knuckle-dragging creeps. Thanks for pointing this out!

  8. You do know the pantsuit comment was made by a woman who was commenting on dressing professionally, right?

    God, lady, put down the bon-bons and find something else to do with your life.

  9. @ lt.winslow Unfunny is part of it, but unfunny alone doesn’t really bother me. I just ignore that shit (for example, the 900 +1 posts that appear on every thread). It’s the out-of-control sexism that bothers me.

  10. “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks, licks on these nuts and sucks the dick.”

    Oh, Dr. Dre, if only they would stick to what they’re good at.

  11. So I guess we can also expect a post that denounces the Patriots for selling autographed pictures of an 18-year old girl? At least these commenters don’t profit from their offenses.

  12. Funny thing is I’m think a lot of the Deadpsin commenters are saying these sexist things more for shock value, which if you check “Family Guy” ratings, that’s what people like to see…
    Agreed though, that some comments are not funny or well thought out.
    However, I find this post a bit duplicitous. The comments and snide remarks I hear from women in the office or around the street about other women are far more degrading, harmful and honest than most comments I read on Deadspin. I would like to see “The Bitches Guide to Insulting Women” after this post.

  13. I love sports and sports blogs and I am a woman. You are correct: most of the commentators sound just like the ones mentioned. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to see what these guys actually looked like, especially the ones who continually comment on women’s looks. These type of comments may tend to come from men that couldn’t get some of those women to even take a first look, let alone a second.

    I read the post on Deadspin about Erin Andrews. I have always felt that she is one of the smartest women on the sidelines. She asks intelligent questions and has a great knowledge of the game. Andrews will make it easier for other women to get into that field. Then there are other women reporters that model for Maxim. Do they think this helps their credibility? Unfortunately, women still need to be very careful when they enter a basically male dominated field. I know it isn’t fair, but it is reality. Andrews professionalism makes her stand out.

  14. There’s feminism and then there’s just being a pain in the ass for the sake of being a pain in the ass. And this post is moonwalking on the line between the two.

  15. The funny thing about Deadspin comments is that there’s an audition process that in theory weeds out people who can’t come up with a remotely humorous thought. But once your run-of-the-mill halfwit comes up with something good enough to get entrance into that illustrious club of people who sit at home on Friday night talking about their balls with anonymous men, they can say whatever they want without fear of repercussions (unless they’re dropping n-bombs or something). So it’s this self-contained environment that ends up encouraging sophomoric comments (for lack of a better term).

    Which is a shame, because the site is very well-written, and the comments more often than not only serve to detract from the author’s work. And there are even some genuinely funny comments and commenters there. Even though their material gets stale quickly, that’s still more than you could say for most sites out there and certainly any sports site.

    My hunch is that the authors know this and would just as soon shut down comments, but when you’re getting paid for clicks, it helps to have a huge group of folks coming back to a post dozens of times a day. I’ll settle for not bothering to scroll down to read the drivel about cheerleaders or Erin Andrews… I’ll just enjoy the photos and keep the obligatory yes/no/butterface judgment to myself, thank you.

  16. This is a pretty shallow and tired act. Petty, churlish and oversensitive are three specific and applicable criticisms of your post. Rather than argue them on the merits, though, you choose to resort to the old trope: if a man criticizes a woman in any way, that man is sexist and the criticism is baseless. Pretty convenient setup for you.

  17. I think a few of the comments you singled out may have actually been written by women…

    …just sayin’

    I thought some of them might have been written by women. That doesn’t excuse them, in my opinion.

    You do know the pantsuit comment was made by a woman who was commenting on dressing professionally, right?

    That sucks.

  18. To NBP, good job of following the three-step approach outlined in my post. Calling me “petty, churlish and oversensitive” is the same thing as “insult a woman by calling her a bitch.”

    I’d have to disagree with you on that, Tracy. Describing your commentary on the comments with those three adjectives does not carry the oversimplification and connotation that would come with calling you a “bitch”.

    In fact, I don’t know that I would consider anything that you wrote as “bitchy”, but some of it might fall into “petty”, “churlish”, or “oversensitive”. But, hey, at least you’re addressing some of the problems that are out there.

    My two cents would be that, in the future, if you want to have a really powerful argument, don’t dip to their level by trying to insult the commenters themselves, but rather stick to those other claims you were making. Everything other than the commentary after specific comments was well-stated and couldn’t be misconstrued as “petty”, “churlish” or any other synonyms.

  19. @ King of Pants and Tara: Thank you!

    @The Fan’s Attic: That’s cool. Seriously. I don’t care if you become more famous. Y’all have the right to say whatever you want, you know?

  20. In defense of Deadspin (full disclosure: I’m a deadsping commenter)

    You say in your article that you don’t know any sexist asshole men in real life. On that, I’m afraid, you are mistaken. In real life sexist asshole men refrain from making it known to everyone around them that they are, in fact, sexist asshole men.

    Additionally, while the comments on DS are, by and large, going to be offensive to, by and large, everyone.. that’s kind of the whole point. The commenters on DS are not nearly as asshattish, and sexist as they present themselves, but do so because the whole point is to be as funny and innapropriate as possible. Aside from using the N word, it is preferred to be as politically incorrect as possible. It’s being politically incorrect for the sake of being politically incorrect and getting a laugh. Some of it is stupid, and misses the mark, sure. (SJP looks like a horse, butterface, all old and tired to the point of being lazy if you use them).

    Without the commenters pushing the boundaries Deadspin is like every other wannabe sports blog. And by that, I mean, its irrelevant.

    Deadspin is not intended to be taken seriously, the guys that comment aren’t really as dickish as they present themselves, and neither are the many ladies (and there are quite a few) that also comment. Those ladies are just as irreverant and politically incorrect as the guys.

    So, I suppose, in sum, my argument can be summarized as follows: Most of the men you know in real life are more sexist and asshattish then you think. Most of the men you see commenting on the internet are less sexist and asshattish then you think.. That is to say, we are all, basically, equally sexist and asshattish. That level of sexism and asshattery isn’t nearly as high as you want to believe.

  21. This is a straw man argument. Kind of like all illegal aliens are evil criminals (technically they’re all the good kind), video games, television, and film inspire violence, and hip-hop degrades women and promotes a criminal lifestyle. Oh and liberals hate America. It’s easy to make a few outlandish examples stand for the whole.

  22. Doesn’t the phrase “taking a gigantic dump on human decency” take a gigantic dump on human decency?

    I mean, on the one hand, I don’t really like that level of policing, but on the other hand, it keeps out the stupidity most of the time.

  23. Tracy,
    I am a fan of Deadspin, and occasionally read the comments, but I’m not a poster. Oddly enough, I found your blog through a link FROM Deadspin. You make some excellent points (agreed with by some commenters on Deadspin as I post). I’m enjoying your site immensely, and am adding it into my rotation. Keep up the good work.

  24. I have a quick question. What exactly would you qualify as an appropriate response to the Erin Andrews post? Would it be one that disagreed with the writer, or there some type of comment disagreeing with you that you wouldn’t construe as sexist or misogynistic? I read through all the comments on that post, and then took another look at your selection. I understand the blatant sexism is a problem, but you seem to think no matter what the comment is, if it disagrees with your position (i.e. appropriate attire,) then the Deadspin commenter is in the wrong.

    (btw, I really enjoyed your post)

  25. Your digs at the Cubs are amusing, considering the whole blow-up doll situation that happened among those droll knaves in the White Sox locker room.

    As for the bigger picture, I respect your right to find deadspin offensive. Personally, I usually find the posts very funny, but I’m a guy and perhaps that’s why it doesn’t bother me. I always saw the gender-related comments as so over-the-top that they can’t be offensive. Take Erin Andrews one, for instance: Many of the comments about her are of the “she’s so attractive — just you mentioning her name means I must now go masturbate!” variety. To you, that might be demeaning. To me, that’s likely an educated guy who, typing from his mother’s basement (obligatory), is playing off the stereotype of the hyper-sexed guy.

    So, like I said, I just find that funny. But I’m on this side of the gender line, so that might well be a part of my take.

  26. It’s not really fair to single out Deadspin commenters. The comment thread is like 98% men, and guess what? This is how men act. The comments of any male-dominated blog (read: sports) are merely a microcosm of male interaction in real life. Your point is valid, but I think you’re unfairly singling out Deadspin commenters. (I am not a commenter, I do read Deadspin daily, though.)

  27. Dance 10 Looks 3 (and I know this isn’t the right forum to say this) is actually pretty clever, didn’t notice it the first time. It’s a line from the song “Tits & Ass” in the musical A Chorus Line.

    So you’ve got your genus correct but the species of stupidus, well, gonna have to go back and tighten that one up.


    oh, wait, that would be stupid.
    like this post. and your post.
    and your blog.

  29. You think dudes are really friendly to each other in any competitive environment ? It’s all about insulting and joking with each other. But what, now girls want in on the club and everything is supposed to change ?

    If girls want in, then you’re going to have to live with the insults, the jeers, the debasement…because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT DUDES DO TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME. Guys get attacked for what hurts their pride: how good they are at something, wanting to be number 1 and not getting it, etc. You miss a catch at first base, he’ll hear it all day, “nice catch moron”, etc. Girls get attack for what hurts their pride: appearance and looks.

    Grow up and deal with it. Whining about it makes you sound like…wait for it…a girl. Which is exactly why when guys complain, other guys will ask if they need to wash the sand out of their vagina. Complaining is the ultimate sign of weakness when you are playing the one-up insult game.

    If you want to play someone else’s game, you learn the rules and beat them at it. Sitting on the sidelines crying about why it’s not fair just makes you look like a tool.

  30. Tracy, you excerpted several of my comments. I am ugly AND fat AND a woman who reads Deadspin. I have no need to impress the male Deadspin readers by tearing down other women by being “one of the boys”…I impress them with my impassioned fandom, the depth of my knowledge, and the quality of my arguments.

    @Christian Sorensen: “Dance 10, looks 3″ was one of mine. Thanks for the compliment.

  31. Sorry, I’m the stupidus, the song is entitled “Dance 10 Looks 3″. Haven’t seen the show in a while.

    Anyway, the point I forgot to make (and the reason for posting at all) is that these posts aren’t stupid, and the posters aren’t knuckledraggers. These are, possibly unfortunately, very bored people at work who do not take what they say very seriously, and are operating with the purpose of trying to make others laugh.

    Sure, that means the humor can get crude, because slapstick and crude humor are easy ways to get laughs. But don’t pretend that your interpretation of their humor as serious talk or personally held beliefs is sane; the slippery slope is a logical fallacy.

    This is not serious.

  32. Tracy,

    I agree that a lot of the comments are over the line on the Deadspin message board. We are not in disagreement about that part of your posting. However, the second part of your post, in which you delineate male reaction to women into three categories is, for lack of a better word, bullshit. It almost seems as though no man or woman can take exception to something another woman says without it being perceived by you as calling that woman a “bitch”. If I feel like you are insulting the posters on Deadspin by sinking to the lowest common denominator and pointing out the comments of outliers, and that causes me to describe your behavior as “petty”, how does that mean that I am calling you a “bitch”? I’m sorry, but sometimes people are being “petty” whether they are men or women, and by calling them out on it, it doesn’t mean that “petty” is a euphemism for something else.

  33. Your lesson is that there are many ways of making fun of women without talking about their looks or sexual habits, right? Just kidding. Thanks for writing this. Because is the sports blog leader, it’s what most people think of as a sports blog. So it’s critical that people reading don’t think that Deadspin really does encourage hating women. If it’s coming across that way, then Deadspin commenters and writers need to change.

  34. Look, here’s the deal. People go to Deadspin to possibly read about some sports news (sometimes), but to really get a laugh; either from the posts of from the comments. No one takes their comments seriously. If you have a problem with it or don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s a bunch of people screwing around. None of the comments have really changed since Will left. Everything has stayed the same.

    I respect that everyone has their opinion, but selecting this topic and then picking Deadspin as your subject is laughable; at best. Please retreat from your moral high ground and stop preaching to the deaf masses.

    You stated your case, stood your ground and even took your time to *gasps* read some of the comments and then add your own clever and thoughtful take. So I doubt that you mind if I return the favor. (Althogh I will not spend nearly as much time as you did)

    “So I’m always amazed when I encounter asshole men on the Internet.” You encountered us? Really? Did the Deadspin commenters knock on your proverbial door? Seems as if you sought us out and we encountered you… 3rd sentence; not looking so good here. After that sentence, I figured this was going to be about some instant messaging or internet dating…

    “The sports world is full of sexist shit that pisses me off if I think about it too much…” Say it aint so… I’ll conceed this point, but two thing. 1) If it bothers you that much, here’s an idea, don’t think about it. 2) Please tell me, truthfully, how many times you were at a game or watching a game in a public venue and some guy made a direct sexist comment toward you regarding your ability to follow sports. I’m guessing not many, if any. And if it did happen, you probably encountered a severly drunk individual.

    “Commercials aired during sporting events or programs often are sexist” (Recent) Examples please? Seriously? Go ahead and throw that vague comment out there with no evidence. I’ll say that, in general, commercials that air during sports target males, that’s about it. Guess what? Companies take a good guess that guys will be watching sports when they run their beer adds, sporting goods adds, ect. There’s a stretch… Companies use marketing strategy and research.

    “…taking a gigantic dump on women and human decency.” I resent that comment. We take a gigantic dump on every topic that is posted. We don’t specifically target women and human decency (although they get in the way sometimes). Seriously, no one goes to Deadspin expecting to read the NY Times or some shit from the talking heads at the WWL. If you have a problem with the content; don’t go there!

    I’m going to stop now. I’m sure I could continue though. As for the comments, I’m sure I could go through your blog here and pick apart comments, and come up with some pointless arguement to base a “whoa is me” blog post about…

    Thanks for your Deadspin patronage!

  35. Additionally, I believe that you could have had a very well written piece if you adjusted your scope and used some actual intelligence. What about Lou’s comments in the Cubs locker rook toward Erin Andrews? I’m sure you could have taken that as sexist… No mention here? What about racist/sexist people like Don Imus? What about women’s collegiate athletics recieving less funding than their male counterparts? Sexist… There are much better subjects for this issue. Please get off your soapbox.

  36. As a man, Deadspin commentor, and relatively decent human being, I love this post. Furthermore, I love that most of the other men are letting it go in one ear and out the other faster than they can see the “Leave a Reply” section.

    Ironically the article that links here from Deadspin agreed with most of what was being said in this article.

    P.S. This site instantly got added to my RSS reader for being the shit, it’s nice to have more people who write about sports in the forgotten timezone, especially someone who writes well and is entertaining (besides Woody Paige).

    • you are a dumbass. avoid it all you want until it affects you. at least some people have the confidence to speak their mind and not just let injustices like this happen. way to be.

  37. “I am ugly AND fat AND a woman who reads Deadspin.”

    Hey, hey, HEY!!! I will not listen to anyone talking that way about Clare. Not even Clare.

    Go to you room this instant, young lady.

  38. Your thesis that many sports blog commenters are misogynists is very true. Scrolling around various sites comment threads feels like a meeting of the HeeMan Woman Hater’s club sometimes.

    With that said, many of the comments you chose didn’t back up your point.

    The truth is that many of the commenters on Deadspin are just trying to get a cheap laugh out of some mean spirited humor. You can find similarly low-brow jabs at male sports figures profiled on the site (ad nauseum).

    Although it is important to not be sexist, it is also important not to make women out to be china dolls that are above criticism. If you have a legitimate bone to pick with a female you should be able to hash that out (in a respectful way of course).

    If someone thinks that EA is dressing innapropriately for her job does that make them a sexist? really?

    Good post though. Very thought provoking and well written.

  39. Because Tracy has never been at a bar, saw a girl wearing something designed soley to attract male attention, and then immediately leaned over to a girlfriend and made a snarky comment. Get off the cross Murphy Brown.

    Deadspin is where the sportsfan comes home, sits in his favorite chair, flicks on the tube, and slides his hand down the front of his pants. He just spent all damn day living in your PC world, and would like to let a few harmless insults fly. Everyone else on the board knows the context of the comments, and if you think people log on to Deadspin with the expectation that they are gonna “take them females down a notch”, you know not of where you speak.

    Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker would give a rats ass about what we think of her looks? Presented with that comment about her lookin like a horse, she’d reply “I’m rich, biyotch” and pay someone to throw a bag of lighter fluid on us. She cares what her gay husband thinks (does homophobia insult women too? See, I can comment on my comment just like you!) and what her kids think. The fact that you don’t understand the forum, doesn’t mean you are correct in your assumptions. Now go fix me some tater tots!

  40. I’m going to say kudos to you for letting all of the comments through. I think we should all abide by the rule that if we’re going to stick our necks out and espouse an opinion, we let readers give it back. Sometimes it sucks, but it’s the only honest way to do this.

  41. Wow I thought I got away from you when I left home today.

    So are you happy that the same people you just wrote about have made your sight popular for a day?

    P.s. typical whiney bitch

  42. >>Commercials aired during sporting events or programs often are sexist.<<

    Do you watch much television? In commercials that go for laughs, men are always portrayed as idiots.

  43. @ Dova – if you think Woody Paige writes well and/or is entertaining, you should probably turn in your Deadspin commenter license immediately.

  44. Damn baby I bet you’re a firecracker in the sack… why dont you come over and sit in my lap after you are done making me a sammich.

  45. Tracy,

    As a proud Deadspin commenter, I find it rather ironic that you trot out the stereotype of the Neanderthal male chauvinist sports fan in order to condemn all of us as sexist pigs because we make jokes based on a stereotype of women in sports. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more intelligent commentariat anywhere on the web than what you read at Deadspin. To my mind, the greatest sin about the comments you cite in your post aren’t that they’re over-the-top sexist, but that they really aren’t very funny, an egregious breach of the Deadspin Commentariat Manifesto Prime Directive: Thou shalt not NOT be funny.

    That said, you raise good points (most of which are being debated, in some cases rather heatedly, on the site as I type this). It’s too bad that those points may subsequently drown in the sea of look-at-me hyperbole you chose to cloak the rest of your post with.

  46. So, between the comments posted on here and the comments posted on DS, what have I learned? DS commenters can dish it out but they can’t take it. Tracy’s post, besides being pretty accurate, was funny. And quite frankly, it’s the DS commenters that are coming off as curlish, over-sensitive, petty and whiney. And several of the DS commenters’ attempts at look-at-me hyperbole humor on here are pretty pathetic. But hey, I must be on my period.

    On a positive note, Tracy, I like your site.

  47. I am a new-ish Deadspin commenter (lonmgtime reader) and while you’re eright about the sexism, I’ll add a bit of advice: if you think Deadspin is bad for stuff like this AVOID THE YAHOO BLOGS. At least in the NHL blog within 10 comments 7 people didn’t understand the post and tell the author how much they suck, 3 insult each other for being fans of whatever team and 1 is a spambot. Yeesh.

  48. I’m a guy and a huge baseball fan. I think that half these examples are people who have no life and have a serious denial problem. She is a very attractive and intelligent woman. Though some of the players may not have liked, it’s because most are twenty something and what do most guys do when they see a woman of EA’s physique come along. They’re gone from home half the year talking to other twenty somethings so there trying not to embarrass themselves on national TV. On that note, many of these guy’s bring stuff in that doesn’t have anything to do with what’s decent. Thank you for pointing out what’s wrong with the things that people will say when their is no physical repercussions.

    On that note, I feel ashamed you have to bring all men into this equation. By saying that all men are sexist pigs who label people with stereotypes on the examples of a few is in itself an act of sexism and a stereotype. Yes,there are men who should keep their mouths shut, but not all of us have the blatant disregard of common courtesy to label women on a rating system or bring their wicks into an online forum.

    And for the final flip-flop, most sportscasters don’t bring in anything amazing to to experienced persons. Most of the stuff they say is obvious, or stupid (I disagree with Joe Morgan half the time, if I even listen to what he says). They do it for the casual, to occasional fan, to keep them interested in the game. And the ball players need to grow a pair and look someone in the eye when being interviewed. So what if she’s wearing a studio picked dress, business on the field, and do what you have to do or say behind closed doors, don’t disrespect someone n national television.

  49. Hey Sweetheart, welcome to the conversations the majority of 20-something men have with each other when women aren’t around. Its what we do, we’re juvenile and about ten years less mature than women. Stay on the websites if you’re not interested in men, sports, or the BS we talk about.

  50. Although, your site is pretty damn god.

    /He sheepishly admits after posting a rant and then bothering to read the front page of the site.

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  52. The problem with the Deadspin commenters is not so much that they are sexist. It’s that they’re unspeakably lame. Every day it’s a race to post the most obvious Simpsons reference, or other inane, shopworn, fratboy joke. It’s pretty amusing how they’re constantly sucking each other’s dicks over this tired banter. I mean, this is the quality of an invited commentariat? Really? I mean, at least they can spell, putting them one step above the average internet commenter dross, but they are, by a long shot, the weakest link of an otherwise solid sports blog.

  53. This post is crap. Sorry I’m not witty enough to come up with a long column of insults like you, but sometimes simplicity works. I could never walk into a room full of women and listen to the way they relate to each other and toss off general, generic insults of them, nor would I want to. But you did, so congrats. All you show with this garbage is your hatred of men, especially men who don’t pick flowers and don’t lay down their coats to cover puddles for women and don’t worship every single female on the planet. Pathetic.

  54. And these are people who are accepted to be Deadspin commenters for their wit. “Butter Face” is some wit! Now I understand why I was never approved to comment on Deadspin.

  55. I usually find myself reading the comments after every article on the Internet, be it news, sports, the auto industry, etc, etc. I think I enjoy reading just to see how off topic someone can get in such a short period of time. Regardless of the content of the site or article it will always degrade into the antithesis of a Mensa meeting faster than you can say “No, you’re an idiot!”, “No, you’re an idiot!”, “No, you’re an idiot!”, “No, you’re an idiot!”

    This is where the 18 to 24 year old males get to finally talk some shit and “bully” someone else around after years of being abused. Granted, this is not as fulfilling as they expect it to be since they know deep down inside that when they’re in a bar, or on the road, or in their “super cool” frat house, they just sit there and take that same old abuse like the little mental midgets they’ve always been.

    The fun part is counting how many comments it takes for the commenters to stop abusing the original target and start abusing each other (usually ten depending on the site). Eventually, someone calls someone a Yankees fan, a Nazi, or a queer or someone’s mom a Nazi or a queer and then it’s on like donkey kong (and quickly down hill from there). Like that car accident on the interstate, on the information super highway, you simply just can’t click the X button and drive away.

    Great article by the way. Funny as hell too. Maybe we can design an application or website where people can comment on comments like that???? Before I leave I almost forgot to mention that you’re a queer Nazi idiot Yankees fan. There, I feel much better about myself now.

  56. 1) woman writes post critical of men’s behavior on another website.

    2) men flood from said site onto woman’s website to continue that behavior, only more emphatically, and aimed directly at her:

    –unsolicited and condescending judgments are offered about everything from her writing ability to what else she should be doing instead.

    –another popular tactic is to find ways to make the male behavior (even if there are female exceptions) being criticized the woman’s fault, whether it’s “why do you read deadspin, then?” or “if you don’t want to be objectified, dress in a way I don’t find provocative.”

    –use the words “oversensitive, petty, and churlish”, because a great way to refute criticism you don’t want to hear is to call the one doing the criticizing “oversensitive.” And when women act “churlish,” it’s best to remind them of that, also, in case they don’t realize they’re coming across as unladylike.

    are the commenters on deadspin really the biggest issue facing the western world? of course not. but it’s still behavior that deserves to be criticized. reinforcing the author’s point by flinging insults / condescension at her doesn’t change that, either.

  57. I don’t typically read the comments on deadspin or here, but I just sat through all of this.

    Really Tracy, if you don’t like the website or the comments, don’t read them.

    Whether you disagree with it or not, the First Amendment allows for the blogs, and the comments, well, everyone has an opinion, including you, it’s just not worthy of my time.

    Thanks for the insight, I’ll be sure to never read this website again.

    I will say the annoying font and lack of pictures and video also doesn’t help your awful website either.

  58. Actually, I just thought your post was kind of toothless. Why do you resort to sarcasm in nearly every retort? The quotes you chose were (largely) devoid of the funny; even more unfortunate than that: your attempts at a lighthearted, I’m-above-this tone were dire. Failed humor makes me cringe. Even though I was rooting for you to land a couple punches on the self-congratulatory love-in that is Deadspin, I hate to admit it: Deadspin earned a TKO.

    Look, any time you take on a closed-loop blog on the Gawker network, you’re going to come across as a feeb who can’t score a seat at the cool kids’ table (which, given the uncool demographic of Denton’s commenting/posting nexus, is impressively ironic). That’s just how it is. The same thing happens whenever people congregate to harp on the needy oeuvre of Mo & Slut Machine, or Emily Gould, or who have you. And it doesn’t help that your overarching observations (many guys define women down out of insecurity or fear, a lot of men who obsess over sex probably aren’t getting laid) are on the syllabus of Freshman Armchair Pysch.

    Just call Deadspin what it is: a social networking site focused on sports. It’s got about 10-15 consistently great commenters and hundreds of guys who happened to get lucky with a Tim Tebow Messiah joke. The writing is pleasant enough: riddled with typos, full of facile editorials to make its readership feel all warm and special because they aren’t scoring press passes. It’s great for offbeat news scoops, ESPN takedowns, Rick Chandler, and the aforementioned commenting elite corps, but it’s not a fearsome sexist sports juggernaut. And it’s certainly not alone.

    Oh, and save your bile for newsposts. I can’t tell you how many people get bent out of shape over Salon, TNR, the A.V. Club, etc., when their real, pathetic beef isn’t with the sites themselves – it’s with anonymous internet bile. It’s not going anywhere, believe me. No measure of reactionary snark – even if it’s not half-assed, as it was here – is going to shame it away.

  59. Tracy,

    Thanks for this intelligent piece—I am glad at least one other female blogger has noticed this. When I first started reading Deadspin comments, I actually used to hit the “report comment” button (can you imagine? ah, to be young!) because I thought they were so awful. But none of them ever got taken down, so, I figured out that they must actually enjoy having comments that say things like, “I’d like to shove my dick up her ass!”

    To each his (and I do mean “his”) own.

  60. Spot on, Tracy. Boys will be boys is such a tired, exclusionary, bullshit excuse for acting like a jerk.

    Sadly, Deadspin comments seem to be full of people who are still in the anal stage of development, so proud they can take a shit that they just have to smear it all over the walls for people to see.

    Luckily, all of sports blogging comments are not like that. The Yankee blogs I read tend to have intelligent, respectful commenters and the commenters seem to have a good time, and be mostly male. So it certainly is possible, and makes the comment threads a lot more informative than those on Deadspin.

    Deadspin choses this level of discourse, it is not a requirement for sports discussions, as you well know.

  61. If you don’t like us, and what we’re doing on the Interwebs, you just don’t “get” us and you’re an asshat.
    We’re the funniest freakin people alive.
    +1 for me!

    By the way, I’m writing this comment while I should be working on my LEGAL WORK at my LAW OFFICE. I’m a lawyer, you see. God I’m cool.

  62. Let me preface this by saying that I agree with the main thrust of your post. I’m a female sports fan who used to be a regular Deadspin reader, until I found the news to be less and less interesting, and the comments to be the same tired race/sex/sexuality/religion/etc. stereotypes. The easy jokes, you know?

    You also forgot one of the other ways to insult women in a sports-related context: insult a woman for not being a woman. If she’s involved in women’s sports- or, really, anything related to sports at all- and she’s just a hair short of supermodel status, expect the dick jokes to start coming. In a related vein, this is also a way I’ve seen men insulted on sports-related blogs: if he likes women’s sports, he must not be a man at all. So you get, essentially, “insult a woman for being a man” and “insult a man for being a woman”.

    But Deadspin’s not the only place where this shit happens. Take it from a WNBA fan- the racist, sexist, misogynist, so-prejudiced-it’s-a-wonder-they-can-type-and-breathe-at-the-same-time trolls are everywhere. They pop up on the ESPN message boards and “Conversation” threads. They show up for any article posted online. They’re on every sports blog I’ve run across that allows comments. And occasionally Deadspinners can get their shit together and have an actual discussion instead of a string of grunts, yes/nos, and Martin Lawrence references. This post inspired a really, really good one.

    I suspect it’s more a matter of sports being something that engages just enough of the higher brain functions to allow for typing without actually, y’know, thinking.

  63. I do love the “if you don’t like us then don’t read us” comment. Which of course can be expanded to “if you don’t like us not liking you then don’t comment on us commenting on your comments.” This could go on for years. Funny how some have a right to criticize anyone in anyway they feel necessary, but when it’s leveled at them… WAAAHHHH!!!!

    Bottom line – some people like to abuse and some people like being abused. Seems like you’ve found both all in one with these guys. Good luck with that.

  64. I’ve never commented on the website, but I am a reader. I’d say I see one big assumptions here: What someone says a relatively anonymous message board isn’t necessarily exactly what they think.

    I’ve learned from experience that it’s really a waste of time to get upset about what people say even if it’s blatant false, “offensive,” or ignorant. Angry or not, they won’t change because any one of us wants them to.

    I really don’t care if you’re mad or if you’re going to jump to conclusions about what certain people are or aren’t. I will say it’s a path to being miserable a lot–and not being able to change anything.

    That, of course, is the decision we all have to make.

  65. You have no idea the can of worms you have opened. You just brought the internet against you. Do you know who Dee Mirich is? Well guess what, you are then next one.


    Go whine on jezebel if you want to complain about boys being mean. And they would probably say the same thing about Linda Cohen’s pantsuit, if not worse.

  66. Best comment? Definitely from Brad. Brad shifts the narrative almost entirely away from the topic of sexism, pops the collar on his letterman jacket, and informs Tracy that she’s a stupid square:

    “Look, any time you take on a closed-loop blog on the Gawker network, you’re going to come across as a feeb who can’t score a seat at the cool kids’ table…”

    At some point Brad becomes aware of how idiotic and UN-cool it is to be fawning over a friggin “social networking site,” so he adds some snark:

    “…which, given the uncool demographic of Denton’s commenting/posting nexus, is impressively ironic).

    Here’s an armchair diagnosis for you, Brad. You MIGHT be a myopic woman-hating, no poontang-getting, micropenis having, insecure boor. But you are most CERTAINLY a loser.

    Onward. Brad thinks the article lacks bite because Tracy uses more sarcasm than he’d like. PLUS, her examples of DS fuckery aren’t FUNNY. “Failed humor,” makes him all squirmy. Casual misogyny, on the other hand, the kind that defines women first and foremost and forever according to fuckability and fertility, is something Tracy should learn to live with. And besides, Deadspin is “not a fearsome sexist sports juggernaut. And it’s certainly not alone.” (This last part confounds my feeble mind a widdle bit. Deadspin isn’t alone in their sexism but Deadspin is NOT sexist. Aiy…)

    And with that the sexist boilerplate is complete:
    1. Deflect. Attack. Condescend. Deny the possibility of sexism. Refuse to consider the claim of sexism. Frame any and all documented sexism as harmless. Remind the broad that she’s powerless.

    I think what Brad is trying to say is that women are not allowed to speak about sexism. Wait! I think he’s also saying that we should ONLY call out misogyny on non-Gawker sites. Shit. Can’t do that either, cuz B sez that there’s nothing we can do about it anyway…
    What to do, Brad?!

  67. You. Don’t. Fuck.With. Gawker. Ever!


  68. Good for you.

    I used to be confounded because it made me crazy. It made me crazy that women wanted to be there, but okay, it’s up to them. It made me crazy that “everyone” thought Deadspin was okay. I still don’t think it’s okay. I feel sad for the women who want to play there. I can do that, and they can still play there, and it’s all valid.

    And then I realized that a whole lot of people actually don’t care. A lot of smart people don’t read Deadspin and don’t care about it.

    I could go into more, but you already said everything. I will agree with the following statement: a lot of guys hate when they can’t control what women say, when women are smart or smarter than they are, when women don’t do what they want them to do, don’t look like a supermodel, when women do anything that disturbs their beer commercial fantasy world.

    Not all guys are like this. They want to believe that they all are, so it makes them feel more secure in what they do. Most of those guys are over here now.


    how they managed to take over the world eludes me, still.

    And, dudes, if you were so dudely you would know that the First Amendment has nothing to do with blogs or blogging or comments.

  69. Wow. This post was so petty. Deadspin is a sports blog for fans that don’t take everything in sports so seriously . Taking a site like Deadspin so seriously is just pointless.

    Most of the comments that seem to be so blatently sexist/racist are done and not taken seriously. It seems people not in on the joke are the ones being offended. I agree some of the mean-spirited comments are not necessary, but they are so insignificant it isn’t worth the effort to care.

    People go to Deadspin to get away from mainstream sports media, because it can be annoyingly serious. In fact, many comments are people venting about the gimmicks ESPN is forcing upon fans who really don’t have many other places to go for sports coverage.

    Men always have and always will objectify women. The author thinks she doesn’t know any men that are remotely sexist, but the fact is, men generally don’t objectify women when their around them because it obviously upsets them. It isn’t right to objectify a human being, which is part of the reason why commenters do so in such an over-the-top manner.

    Most commenters on Deadspin aren’t trying to offend anyone so why let them?

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  71. Why are your whining over making fun of women? There are tons of men who get made fun of just as much on the internet. I’ve tried numerous times to try and understand where you are coming from….I can’t find it. Commenting on articles in an inane matter is part of the internet fun. You need to stop taking evertying so seriously and enjoy the retarded jokes. Yet, you choose to take the cry baby side. Sucks for you. Learn to laugh.

  72. Deadspin sucks. It is the Duke University of sports blogs: rich, white, preppy condescending assholes that think they are better and smarter than you. You have to audition to leave comments? Gimme a fuckin break. What a joke. Fuck deadspin I will never read that site again.

    PS all these douchebags telling you to quit whining will change their tunes once they have a daughter. Or maybe they’ll never get it. Funny, because you WERENT EVEN WHINING, not to mention the fact you PREFACED THE WHOLE RANT by saying you dont take it seriously most of the time! Fucking morons

  73. some of these comments make me laugh. how i would kill to see some of these men wake up with a vagina and then have someone tell them to make them a “sammich,” even in a joking way. dumbasses

  74. You forgot about women being dumb or how they can’t drive an automobile without puting all life at risk, you dumb, ugly, stuck-up ho.

  75. I hate naggy ignorant feminists…Sometimes we do go too far, but really it’s in our nature. Sorry we don’t have the same hormones :S Besides, most of those comments were funny…on the other hand your responses are just plain annoying and lack intelligence.

  76. Do you honestly expect men to respect women who don’t respect themselves or at least find it okay to flaunt their bodies in front of tons of horny disrespectful guys?

    You need to relax that ass. You should probably get laid more often.

  77. Greetings from Los Angeles, USA. This is a helpful blog. Does anyone have any advice about staying out of the friend zone with girls? Honestly I’m sick of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Perhaps I’m being too much of a nice guy?

  78. wow, your fucking stuck on yourself..
    maybe if you lost some weight you could get laid and chill the fuck out. Jesus.

  79. I understand you’re annoyance

    I feel that both sexes are up for being ragged on….it happens…

    though those kinds of posts are all over the internet it’s not just women who get rammed by douche bags over the internett. online people feel that they can talk to people like shit and get away with it… though i still think everyone is open to be slammed

    women don’t like assholes they just tend to like dominant men…. and some women don’t make accurate choices when it comes to that…or men think they are being dominante by being assholes

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