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My Latest Great Idea for the Nuggets

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Basketball hasn’t exactly been the first thing on my mind these days. I watched Lithuania get dismantled by Argentina (WTF hair?) in the Olympic bronze medal game and then drank myself unconscious to forget the misery I just witnessed. That was awful, even considering how much I love yelling all the Lithuanian names until B gets annoyed and falls asleep on the couch. Other than that, though, I haven’t thought much about basketball lately.

But! I had the best idea ever — an idea that can solve at least 2/3 of the problems that will plague the Nuggets in the upcoming season. Curious? Come with me, to a land where a Nuggets championship is possible!

Let’s set the scene before I reveal the awesomeness of my idea. What do the Nuggets need to improve as a team? They need defense. Unfortunately, my idea doesn’t address that issue. What, do you want me to cure cancer while I’m at it? Shit, I can’t fix everything, yo.

In addition to defense, the Nuggets need a point guard and they need a leader. Well, check out this brilliance — I can solve both of these problems with one guy.

Are you ready?

Šarūnas Jasikevičius.

Yes, you heard right. The fiery Lithuanian point guard has everything the Nuggets need to address two of their top three issues.

There wasn’t much good to say about Lithuania’s performance in the bronze medal game. In fact, I’d like to erase it from my memory and never speak of it again. However. Did you see how Jasikevičius almost got his eye poked out and had to have stitches? Well, that shit didn’t slow him down one bit. You could tell how annoyed he was to be getting stitched up while he could be out there playing. He’s driven and dedicated and passionate, qualities the Nuggets need.

He’s the ultimate floor general, and he’s 6′ 4″ — not a bad height for the Nuggets. He handles the ball and he directs. He yells at other players and at the referees. He makes his presence on the floor known in a way none of the Nuggets can rival. And I don’t for one second think that he’d be impressed by superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. I don’t think he’d have the slightest problem coming in here and kicking their asses if that’s what it takes to win a game. I don’t want to generalize and I say this with tongue in cheek and all, but we Lugans don’t take shit from anybody and damn well know how awesome we are.

He’s played well against the kind of competition he’d see in the NBA. He scored 28 points against the USA team in 2004 (including seven 3-pointers). Yeah, he had a brief and unsuccessful run in the NBA from 2005 to 2007. That’s a red flag, but I don’t think it should be the end of the story. I think he would flourish with a team like the Nuggets that so needs a point guard and a leader, and that even has a fellow Lithuanian team member (Linas Kleiza). It can’t be that hard to get him away from his current team, the Athens-based Panathinaikos Basketball Club.

So there you go — that’s my big idea for fixing the Nuggets. I’d be happy to hear about it if you have a better one.

Written by Tracy

August 25th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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