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My FF Team: Let me show you it.

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This is an awesome day. I participated in a fantasy football draft after consuming less than one beer. This means I made decent, logical picks and didn’t get overwhelmed by my desire to pick Garrett Wolfe (but still, you guys, he’s going to be awesome one day).

Come this way and meet my team. We’re going to win some games this year.

I picked sixth (our league has 8 teams — we were supposed to have 10, but apparently some people are flaky-ass losers and I tried to add two awesome peeps at the last second but was too late).

QB: Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselbeck
These are solid, if not thrilling, QB picks. That said, Tom Brady went in the first round, and I think that’s batshit crazy. Palmer is what was left after everybody started taking QBs.

WR: Terrell Owens, TJ Houshmandzadeh (the one man in the world for whom I would change my name on marrying so I could hyphenate my long-ass name and his), Lee Evans, Patrick Crayton, Reggie Williams
You heard it here first: TO is this year’s Randy Moss. He’s going to be awesome.

RB: Joseph Addai, Maurice Jones-Drew, Michael Turner, Matt Forte
My running backs are sick. Unfortunately, I’m used to playing in a league where you play 2 WRs/2 RBs/1 WR/RB each week. The current league plays 3 WRs/2 RBs, so I think I’m a little overstocked in RBs and understocked in WRs, but oh well.

TE: Jason Witten, Tony Scheffler
Solid #1 and nice little sleeper at backup.

K: Mason Crosby
I was torn between Gostkowski and Crosby, so I asked myself, self, who will kick more field goals, New England or Green Bay? Obv. Green Bay.

D/ST: Bears
For once, I didn’t pick a defense (or kicker or tight end) until someone else in the league started picking for that position (this is an accomplishment for me). Somebody took Minnesota. Then I was torn between San Diego and Chicago. My gut feeling was to pick Chicago. Then I thought, no, don’t be emotional! Pick San Diego! But then I thought no, Shawne Merriman is playing on a gimpy knee and could break at any second! So I took the Bears.

That’s a pretty good team, if I can say so.

Here’s my FF tip of the week: Get Michael Turner if you can. This guy has been languishing behind LaDanian Tomlinson for years, and is just dying to bust out and show the world how awesome he is (NIU represent!). Yahoo has him projected to score 20.66 points this week (as my league scores). That’s insane!

So anyway, I learned something today. I learned that doing your fantasy football draft without being wasted is a very good move. I think I’m going to do well this year, but I’ll let you know either way.

Written by Tracy

September 3rd, 2008 at 5:17 pm

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  1. Hasselbeck is going to have “his” year. I’ve been saying it for a couple weeks.

    And it pains me to still adore Mason Crosby…


    3 Sep 08 at 6:48 pm

  2. I kind of hate Hasselbeck because his brother is married to that batshit crazy ultra-right-wing shrew from the View, but I guess it’s not really fair to hold that against him.

    Mason Crosby is the shit.


    3 Sep 08 at 6:51 pm

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