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Hawk Homerism

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I just read this GQ post, “The Best (and Worst) from MLB’s Broadcast Booth.” Guess who’s the worst: Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and Steve Stone of the Chicago White Sox. Ho hum. I’m not surprised, because hating on Hawk is about as easy as being a drunk Cubs fan who can’t name five players on the active roster. But still, that’s kind of lame.

This is the author’s biggest rip on Hawk:

Hawk is an unbearable homer. . . .

Well, sure. Hawk is a homer. My first question is: Is it okay to be a homer, as long as you’re not an “unbearable” homer? Where does that line get drawn? I’d guess that most, if not all, local sports announcers are homers to some degree.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I like homer sports announcers, as long as they’re local. (I believe national sports announcers and reporters have a duty to be neutral. I also believe they have a duty to crawl out from up LeBron’s butt, but that’s an impossible dream.) I’d rather listen to someone like Hawk who’s a gung-ho crazy White Sox fan than someone who’s just going to objectively call the game.

The only time I can see being annoyed by a homer announcer is when you’re stuck watching the opposing team’s broadcast. I remember wanting to chew my arm off in a misguided attempt to escape a couple years ago while listening to a couple Red Sox broadcasts when the White Sox were in Boston. Now, however, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, this here internet, and mlb.tv, I can listen to Hawk and Steve Stone broadcast every game (or, with MLB At Bat on my iPhone, I can listen to Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson, who are awesome, too).

I won’t pretend I’m not biased here — I love Hawk Harrelson. He’s  my favorite broadcaster in all of sports and my love for him probably borders on being is completely irrational. I know he’s not for everyone, though. I just don’t think the fact that he’s a homer is a valid (or interesting) criticism.

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July 12th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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