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meal plans

Just when you thought my life couldn’t get more exciting or sexy, I’m going to tell you about meal planning. I know. It’s a glamorous life I live over here.

Since Soren started eating solid food, my goal has been for us to eat reasonably healthy dinners together most of the time. At first, this was kind of hard. Ben and I tend to eat dinner on the late side, so we’d end up giving Soren a bunch of random vegetables and stuff and then eating whatever we could cobble together after he went to bed. That was lame.

Eventually, we figured out that a little planning can make family dinners much easier and, oddly, fun. I always thought planning meals ahead of time was a way to kill fun when you’re old and completely lacking in spontaneity, but it’s not at all. I mean, when you know you’re going to have, say, nachos for dinner on Friday (not that we have nachos for dinner very often, but you know, homemade nachos are fan-freaking-tastic), you can look forward to it, and looking forward to things, however small, is always fun and I think increases your enjoyment of the thing when you eventually experience it, unless it totally sucks like that time you went to see Snoop Dogg and, even knowing he’s always late and being prepared for that, after a few hours of standing around at Metro drinking beers with a crowd of the whitest white dudes you’ve ever seen eventually you give up and go across the street for the best cheese fries in the world and a pickle at the Weiner’s Circle, holy crap I miss that place but I suppose the absence of the Wiener’s Circle helps explain why people in Colorado tend to not be fat.

Here’s how it works. Usually on Saturday, Ben and I, gigantic dorks that we are, will sit at our wanna-be kitchen island with our little dry-erase calendar and decide what we want to have for dinner for the next week. Ben does most of the cooking, but I’m always responsible for Tuesdays and sometimes for Thursdays. We’re usually lazy on Fridays and don’t plan anything, which means Soren gets sweet potato, random vegetables, and maybe some cheese, and Ben and I eat frozen pizza after he goes to bed. On most Saturdays, we order pizza (from one of several local places, which I can tell you about later because we’re good judges of pizza). After planning our dinners for the next week, we go grocery shopping.

As stupid as this sounds, implementing a meal planning regime (What kind of asshole says implementing a meal planning regime? Somebody punch me.) was a small, easy change that had a pretty awesome positive effect on our everyday lives. Now, more often than not, Ben, Soren, and I eat dinner together at a reasonable hour. Knowing that I’m scheduled to make something on Tuesday, and that other people might be looking forward to the awesome thing I’m going to make or at least not having to cook that day, makes it less likely that I’ll flake, which is impressive because I have a long history of being a flake.

For the record, tonight we’re ordering pizza, from a place that isn’t the best but will deliver to the ‘hood (always a plus when it’s mad-crazy cold and the roads still suck because Colorado doesn’t believe in plowing), and tomorrow we’re having nachos, just because there are a ton of homemade tortilla chips left over from last night. Mmmmm nachos.

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January 1st, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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