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Do you like my hair? (& a bonus playlist)

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Here is a short quiz for you:

Do you like my hair?

Hair.Checking out the yard is fun!I was trying to get some good hair shots.
The yard is awesome!Here he is trying to escape.Babies

(a) Yes! I like your hair!

(b) No.

(c) Hey kid, you look like a hippie.

If you answered (a), you are female. If you answered (b) or (c), you are male. I’m sure this is not 100% accurate, but I bet it’s pretty close.

I have consistently taken a hard-line position against cutting Soren’s hair. I think that generally, little boys look fantastic (What’s with me and “fantastic” lately? Everything is fantastic up in this hizzouse, like, all the time these days. I guess there are worse things.) with long hair, and Soren is no exception. I love his hair. I love the curls in back (my hair kind of does that, too, but it looks decent on me only when I have super-short pixie hair, which I haven’t had for a long time and probably never will again because I think when you get to be a certain age super-short hair makes you look older) and I love the way it sticks out on the sides. Full disclosure: It’s easy for me to love Soren’s hair because I don’t wash it. Ben is the official bath-giver around here, so he’s the one stuck combing through the rat’s nest (Rats’ nest? Do they share? Do they even have nests?) during bath time. The other day I told him to use conditioner after shampooing and he looked at me like I was smoking crack. What? The kid has almost my exact hair. That shit needs conditioner and even then, it’s hard as hell to comb through. But these are the things we suffer through because we like our hair.

As the official bath-giver around here, Ben is ready for Soren to get a haircut now. There’s also the fact that Soren’s new favorite thing to do is cover his hands with food and then vigorously massage said food into his hair where, no matter what you do, at least some of it remains until the next bath time. Ben said he’s not going to cut his hair (he cuts his own hair) until Soren gets a haircut, like that’s going to sway me. I don’t care if nobody in this house ever gets a haircut again. I mean, aside from what soon will emerge as my elaborate bang-maintenance procedure (they’re already getting a little long), I’m cool with being haircut free up in here, up in here.

In my ideal world, Soren won’t get a haircut until he gets to the point where he loses the baby chub and starts growing more up than out, at which time he’ll get a mohawk. Until then, I’ll be fighting the good fight in the battle of Soren’s flowing locks.

Also, here is a bonus playlist. I can’t take credit for it because it’s just an iTunes Genius thing (although I guess I can take credit for having the awesome music collection that allowed this to happen). I listened to most of it while at the gym this afternoon, and it was the auditory equivalent of the Home Run Inn pizza I had for breakfast today — fantastic beyond belief and with magical hangover-curing properties. (Also, I assume it’s easier for you to just read a song list here instead of having to go view a stupid pdf, which always annoys me on the internet, especially when you’re dealing with restaurant menus — dude, I don’t want to download your damn menu and I’m probably not going to come to your dumb restaurant anyway once I discover that the only vegetarian dish has mushrooms in it — I hate when that happens!)

Playlist: Evil Woman (good for what ails you)

Evil Woman (Remix feat. ELO) – Hoodie Allen and Mike Posner
Little Secrets – Passion Pit
Whatever You Like (Single Version) – Anya Marina
Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend) – MSTRKRFT
Flash Delirium – MGMT
I Don’t Like Your Band – Annie
Nothing to Worry About – Peter Bjorn and John
Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex – CSS
Unstoppable – Santogold
Better Things – Passion Pit
If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Mix) – Mike Posner
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Starfucker
Id Engager – Of Montreal
Little Bit – Lykke Li
Every Morning – Sugar Ray (lol)
Jager Yoga – CSS
The Reeling – Passion Pit
Girlfriend – Phoenix
Believe – The Bravery
My Superman – Santogold
Major Tom – Shiny Toy Guns
Sour Cherry – The Kills
Hurt You – The Sounds

Listen here on Grooveshark. Enjoy!

Written by Tracy

March 13th, 2011 at 6:54 pm