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A Tale of Two Trips to the Hot Dog Place

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first restaurant tripout for veggie dogs

Okay, it’s not really a “tale,” but I’m exhausted and this is what there is today.

Last January, we went to Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs with Soren. It was our first time taking him to a restaurant (it’s pretty lame it took us almost three months to do that, not that he cared because he didn’t eat food yet anyway). It wasn’t my favorite time ever, because we were in the middle of intense worry about whether Soren had a serious health problem. (He didn’t.)

On Sunday, we went back to Steve’s, where we each had a Chicago-style veggie dog and shared an order of veggie green chili cheese fries. There’s nothing exciting about this, but it was kind of like, hey, look how things are different now and how much Soren has changed. I mean, duh. Babies change. That’s what they do. It’s kind of awesome, even if sometimes they and everything else make you too tired to say much about it.

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April 4th, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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