The Peeps Diorama

In 2009, Ben and I (which means mostly Ben) made a Peeps diorama for The Denver Post Peeps diorama contest. Through a sordid chain of stupid events, our Peeps diorama was not entered in the contest that year or any year since then. So I guess you could say we made a Peeps diorama just for the hell of it.

This is not the best Peeps diorama in the world, but it’s our Peeps diorama and I kind of like it. I figured I’d share it here, because at the rate we’re going, we’ll never manage to get it entered in an actual contest.

I humbly present Peep Man.

Peep Man
Peep Man Disclaimer: As vegetarians, we don’t actually eat Peeps and don’t buy them other than that time we made a Peeps diorama. That said, I’m kind of obsessed with Peeps and have been known to buy non-marshmallow-related Peeps merchandise on occasion.