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Here are the places Ben and I have lived. Pretty exciting, huh?

Oak Park

Oak Park, Illinois. We were in the front of the building, on your left (behind the tree), on the top floor. This building was designed by E.E. Roberts. You’ve probably never heard of him; he designed some stuff. I loved this place because it was awesome and it had a window that was the perfect size and shape to be referred to as the kitty window seat. (There are a few more pictures here. I made an awesome (for 2003 and considering my skill level) virtual home tour on my first ever website when we were trying to sell by owner (this didn’t work but a bad-ass 900-year-old realtor who climbed those stairs like an elderly mountain goat sold the place in about 5 minutes), but I can’t find the pictures from that. I’m much more organized now.)

Nederland house

Nederland, Colorado. Moving from Oak Park (which is right outside Chicago on the west side) to Nederland was kind of a trip. Nederland has a population of approximately 1,300 and is in the mountains 17 miles from and 3,000 feet higher than Boulder. The weirdest things in the early days of living in Ned were adjusting to the altitude (oh man working out at the one gym in town was really hard for a while) and how freaking dark it gets up there. And quiet! Our street wasn’t paved and we had to go to the post office to get our mail. We had to get some obscure satellite internet and take our garbage to the dump and pay them to take it (they took recycling for free). It was cold as shit up there in the winter but the summer was glorious. You don’t need air conditioning in Ned. They have the best 4th of July fireworks I’ve ever seen (although, to be fair, I’m biased against the ones in Chicago not because they’re on the 3rd but due to an unfortunate incident involving Gino’s East Pizza, Dove bars, unbearable heat, projectile vomiting in two modes of transportation, and my mom’s misguided attempt to cover up the smell by spraying Georgio cologne in the car so it smelled like vomit and Georgio for the next 100 years) and there’s a good chance the guys doing the fireworks are high as shit and after the grand finale, when everybody is leaving, they’ll just randomly start lighting more fireworks and that’s kind of how Nederland rolls. The people who worked at the beer store were usually Cubs fans. It seems like most people don’t live in town for long. Although Ben and I are really city people, if I didn’t have to have a job, I wouldn’t mind living there again. I wouldn’t mind, someday when we’re rich (haha), having a tiny little cabin in an unassuming town like Ned where we can hang out with Soren and the dogs on weekends.


We lived in the upstairs apartment of this place in the Baker neighborhood of Denver. We never used the front door; we parked in back and climbed the somewhat scary (especially when it was snowy) stairway that led from the back yard to the living room. The living room was small and the kitchen was like a closet and the bedrooms were gigantic — it was kind of like the opposite of every other place I’ve lived. We liked this place (very cute!) but the downstairs neighbors complained about how much noise we made all the time. They called the landlord to complain about us. One day, they complained about the noise when Ben was playing a keyboard while wearing headphones. At that point, we figured it was time to buy a house. So that’s what we did and it’s a-whole-nother adventure.

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