At the Game

No hat!Taking a toddler to a baseball game is kind of like this photo. You put a hat on him because it’s sunny and you want him to wear a hat, and then he takes the hat off, and then you put the hat back on, and then he takes the hat off, etc.

I’m not going to lie. When you have a baby, the first summer is easier than the second summer. The good thing is that, in my opinion, they get cuter and more interesting as they get older. It just gets to be more of a challenge. And sometimes you end up at home by the sixth inning because someone just wasn’t having any more of this shit at like 8:30, although, to be fair, this seems to be the slowest game of all time.

at the gameat the gameat the gameat the game
My love for this song is completely embarrassing but whatever. It’s a baseball song. (The Bon Iver version gives me chills, and I can’t believe I’m telling you that.) It’s what plays when Charlie Blackmon comes to the plate (and also, for the record, Gordon Beckham of the Chicago White Sox, holla). (Ben and I were really hoping he’d use KMFDM’s Rip the System, but I suspect he’s not quite that edgy.)