Watching the Nuggets

You might wonder why in the hell I’m watching a Denver Nuggets game when it’s not even basketball season (and, for the record, the game isn’t even in HD, so it’s kind of painful to watch). The answer, like the answer to most things, is because I’m a total weirdo.

On January 6, 2006, we were given a pair of quasi-courtside tickets by someone Ben knew through his former job. The seats were at center court in the first row behind where all the broadcasters sit. It was our first Nuggets game and it was completely bad ass. (My favorite part was standing in my platform shoes while Earl Boykins was checking in, because I did kind of tower over him.)

Me & Ben @ Pepsi Center

This is from 2007.

Like the dork I am, I set the DVR to record the game, just in case you could see us. And you know what? You can! It’s kind of crazy! It’s like, there’s a Nuggets game, and there we are! Hi us of 5 years ago! I’m from the future! You have a kid now! (The us of 5 years ago would’ve totally been all “LOL WTF no way buy us a beer!” in response to that.) Also, any time I see myself on video, I realize I am the most awkward person in the entire world. Holy crap.

Sidenote: Did you know that Linas Kleiza was the second Lithuanian to play for the Denver Nuggets, after Sarunas Marciulionis? Even being the Lithuanians in the NBA expert I claim to be, I did not know that, even though this information was revealed during a game I’ve had recorded for 5+ years.

I’ve stubbornly refused to delete this recording even though I haven’t even watched the whole first half. It’s just one of those things I keep because, well, I have hoarder tendencies. But whatever. As I am wont to say, I don’t get out much, so this was an exciting experience for me.

Anyway, watching this game is crazy, because there are dudes I haven’t seen for years playing for the Nuggets. I’m seeing guys like:

Carmelo Anthony (With cornrows!)
Earl Boykins (My favorite!)
Greg Buckner
Marcus Camby (He’s in street clothes on the bench.)
Francisco Elson
Linas Kleiza (Miss him!)
Kenyon Martin (He’s still here! He gets hurt!)
Andre Miller (One of the most bad-ass dudes in the NBA.)
Eduaro Najera (Every day he’s hustlin.)
Earl Watson (I liked this guy!)

My buddies Julius Hodge and DerMarr “Slim” “Best Hair in the NBA” Johnson were around but didn’t play.

The box score for the game is available here. Unfortunately, the Nuggets lost in overtime to the Dallas Mavericks, who were coached by Avery Johnson in 2006. Of course, the Mavericks went on to be the NBA champions. Five years later. But still.

Anyway, I’m watching this game (finally) because we’re switching from cable to satellite because (although we’ve been very happy with our cable service) it’s way, way, way cheaper. This means we’ll be giving back our cable box with DVR and I’ll be losing this game I’ve had recorded since 2006. There’s probably a way to copy it, but it’s really not that important and, although it’s been kind of cool to hang out with the us and the Denver Nuggets of 5 years ago, I’d probably never watch it again anyway.

I mean, the next time I want to watch an old sporting event, I’m busting out the complete 2005 World Series DVDs. Now that was a good time.