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Soren’s Best Friends

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This is without question the most exciting thing Soren has ever seen in his entire life.

(The good part starts 38 seconds in.)

When we watched this yesterday, he was actually squealing, giddy with delight, yelling “Cat cat!” (I have no idea why I taught him “cat cat” instead of just “cat.” It’s like pizza pizza but with felines, I guess, more = better.) and “Doggie!” Plus there’s music, so he gets to dance and oh my goodness that is all the best stuff ever in the universe right there.

I’ve been thinking about what to tell people Soren likes (in the event anyone asks before his birthday). Number one on the list would be animals. He has a Chicago Bears beanie baby that he carries around all the time. He snuggles with his stuffed cat cats in bed. Today, he requested, through artful use of the word “Mine!” and a finger point, that he be granted access to a stuffed bunny who resides atop a cabinet in his room and then carried that bunny all over the house.

He loves the dogs, especially Sadie, who has figured out that it’s best to play with him from under the couch, so he flattens himself on the floor between the couch and the ottoman and erupts with laughter as Sadie licks and paws at him from a relatively safe location. One morning when he was crying in his crib, I asked him if he wanted me to get Sadie. He replied, “Yes!” (He’s very good at replying “Yes!”) As soon as I brought Sadie, the grumpies were replaced by smiles and exclamations of “Saaaaaaaaaaadie!” Coltrane has a fun tail and Peaches is a reasonable stand-in for a pony. The real cat cats keep their distance but one day, I tell you, one day, they’ll be his pals.

I’ve been an animal person for as long as I can remember. We had just one dog when I was Soren’s age and oh man, did I love that dog. It might be a bit excessive to grow up with not just one dog but three dogs and four cats, but hey, I never said we weren’t a bit excessive. I’m sure he’ll have his share of embarrassing moments as a result of leaving the house with cat fur on the butt of his pants, but he’ll always have an animal or two around when he wants one (and of course, even when he doesn’t) (although I dread the day when he decides he wants Sadie to sleep in bed with him because now that I have a tiny, snuggly, bed-sleeping dog, I’m going to need a tiny, snuggly, bed-sleeping dog for the rest of my life, so we might have to get another one someday oooh Chihuahua).

So yes. Soren likes animals. And being awesome.

Written by Tracy

August 31st, 2011 at 2:29 pm