What to do with the First Pick in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Note: My 2012 top fantasy football draft picks are here.

People really want to know who to take with the first pick in a fantasy football draft. I agonized over the same thing for, well, the hour between when I found out I had the first pick in my fantasy football draft and when the draft started.

1. Adrian Peterson

This is what I did and I don’t regret it so far (not that anything has happened to make me regret it, but it hasn’t been one of those things I do and wake up the next morning thinking, “Oh, shit.”).

2. Chris Johnson

He’s insane awesome and his contract situation has been resolved so it should be house music all night long.

3. Michael Vick

Listen. I’m an animal person and I hold a grudge forever. I don’t like Michael Vick. However, I do believe he has a chance to be the best fantasy player of the season. I’m not completely sold, though, which is why I didn’t take him at #1.
Really, if you have the first pick, you’re going to take one of those guys. If you want to get crazy, though, here are more options.

4. Ray Rice

Another awesome RB, Rice is in line to get more end zone action this year.

5. Arian Foster

I almost considered him at #1, but Arian Foster’s hamstring makes me nervous. If you can handle that and the temptation to name your team, um, Foster Nation, go for it.

6. Jamaal Charles

This guy is getting a lot of love. Truth be told, I have a hard time trusting a Chief (and, as a somewhat anti-Broncos fan, I don’t even hate the Chiefs — I just don’t think they’re very good; that said, he was the #2 pick in my league so I shouldn’t hate).

The other thing to remember when you pick first is that, assuming your league’s order reverses for each round, you’ll pick first, wait forever, and then pick twice in a row, which is hard. More on that here.

Other reader questions regarding fantasy football drafts:

Can I take two running backs in a row?

Yes. Should you? Yes, probably. You need as many awesome RBs as you can get. Hell, I drafted our league maximum of 7 of them. And I don’t regret it.

Should I really take Adrian Peterson? Really?

Yes. If you’re like me, you worry that he’ll get hurt. And you know what? He might. But so might anybody else. As much as we like to pretend to know everything about anything that could possibly happen in the NFL this year, we don’t know jack. Unless you’re that guy from Psych only actually psychic. Or better yet, you’re the Kyle Chandler character from Early Edition. Remember that show? With the cat? Where he got tomorrow’s newspaper today? On man I loved that show. That sort of arrangement would be very helpful for fantasy football players. I mean shit, we have four cats and not one of them has done anything to help us learn anything about what will happen tomorrow today. Slackers.

Who should I avoid?

I don’t trust Darren McFadden or Marques Colston (Colston burned me so bad last year — I had him and he did nothing so I traded him and he was suddenly awesome). Also Cedric Benson, because, well, duh, but also he’s supposed to do some jail time in October and I don’t know whether it lines up with the Bengals’ bye week. On the flip side, I totally would’ve drafted Chad Ochocinco or Plaxico Burress if they’d been available during a reasonable round. I think Chad Ochocinco is the Randy Moss of a few years ago (I drafted him the year he went to the Patriots and he was phenomenal).

If you have a fantasy football question for me, feel free to email fanmail at hitbyapitch.com. I could talk about this stuff all day!
(I still owe you a post on the first two months of my spending fast. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. I’ll work on it soon!)

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