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Fantasy Football: This shit is bananas.

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fantasy football week 5
I can’t even brag about my fantasy football team any more because, holy crap, there’s only so much one person can say about how awesome her team is. I’m 5-0. Okay, done.

Sit/Start Strategy

Something I’ve been trying to do this season is develop my own sit/start strategy (instead of relying too much on weekly projections, which are often wrong). It’s worked pretty well so far. My strategy goes something like this: I have guys who are pretty good in a pretty reliable fashion (Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Larry Fitzgerald). They are default starters. If one of these guys has an off week, I’m not even going to think about benching him the next week. After two weeks of bad performances, I’ll start thinking about benching a guy.

Here’s how this has worked for me. BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a shitacular week 3 (1.8 points). Stevan Ridley, another NE RB, did better in week 3 (5 points). Fantasy peeps started going nuts for Ridley. Hell, I bought into the hype by telling you to pick him up. They were down on BJGE. I figured everybody has an off week and left BJGE in for week 4, and he had 14.4 points. Good move! People were still up on Ridley and down on BJGE for week 5. Despite my two-bad-weeks-before-benching philosophy, I thought about benching BJGE and putting in Isaac Redman, who’s also been getting a good amount of hype. But then I realized that would be dumb because BJGE, the one bad week aside, has been a good, trustworthy running back so I left him in. In week 5, Redman had 6.1 points and BJGE had 28.9. If I’d benched him too soon, I would’ve missed out on all those points.

All that said, I’m still a dumbass who finally started Eric Decker for the first time and he had negative points. I’ve been high on him for weeks but I’m giving him a big downgrade now. He had a great connection with Kyle Orton, but if it’s going to be Tebow time (puke) in Denver, we might never hear from Decker again.


Here’s who I told you to pick up last week and how they did. (Points taken from my ESPN league.)

  • Matt Hasselbeck (QB): 12.8
  • Denarius Moore (WR): 0
  • Stevan Ridley (RB): 1.3
  • Dexter McCluster (WR/RB): 1.8
  • Devin Hester (WR) (questionable for week 5): 3.2
  • David Nelson (maybe on him): 6.6
  • Jared Cook (TE): 5.9
  • Benjamin Watson (TE): bye
  • Steve Breaston (WR): 17
  • Ryan Torain (RB): bye
  • Isaac Redman (RB): 6.1
  • Antonio Brown (WR): 3.3
  • Michael Crabtree (WR): 3.6
  • Jacoby Jones (WR): 0.9
  • Bengals D/ST: 15
  •  Patriots D/ST: 4

I don’t know. There were a few gems in here but I suspect a monkey could throw darts at a list of NFL players and come up with better pickups than these. Always remember, though, that aside from D/ST, I’m not telling you to start these guys the week you pick them up.

Week 6 Pickups

  • Guys from last week to consider this week: Steve Breaston, David Nelson, Jared Cook, Ryan Torain, Isaac Redman, Benjamin Watson.
  • Tim Tebow (QB): I know. I don’t like him. But he’s one of those huge-upside-potential guys who could turn out to be a Cam Newton.
  • Hines Ward (WR): He’s not widely available but is in my league for some reason.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bay (RB): Like Breaston, he’s been improving — after doing nothing in the first three weeks, he was pretty awesome in weeks 4 and 5.
  • Greg Little (WR): He’s starting game 6.
  • Delone Carter (RB): Of course, the week after I dropped him, he scores a touchdown. Joseph Addai has a hammy and is questionable for week 6 — keep an eye on this one. Carter might be worth starting if Addai is out.
  • Donald Brown (RB): I’d put him behind Carter but you might consider him if Addai misses any time.
  • Alex Smith (QB): This is a more exciting pickup than Matt Hasselbeck. This week’s matchup against the Lions isn’t ideal, but it might not be a bad idea to snap him up now.
  • Jason Avant (RB): He’s another guy on an upswing.
  • Devin Aromashodu (WR): He might be a bit of a stretch but has good potential, especially if Bernard Berrian doesn’t improve his attitude and his play.
  • Vikings D/ST, Redskins D/ST, Raiders D/ST

As always, good luck!

Written by Tracy

October 11th, 2011 at 11:02 am