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Saving Daylight Saving Time

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When daylight saving time starts in the spring, I’m all about springing forward as early as possible. All the clocks in our house are set for the new time well before we go to bed that Saturday night.

In fall, on the other hand, I save that hour. Assuming we don’t have anything scheduled for Sunday (this year we don’t — yay!) we (well, I really do this but by association Ben comes along on my journey of time change denial) stay on daylight saving time until Sunday afternoon or evening, when we finally move the clocks back an hour.

This isn’t entirely effective because it’s not like you forget the time changed. But it is kind of nice to have that extra hour in your figurative pocket until you get to the point on a Sunday when you’re all bummed it’s almost Monday and wish there was more time left in the weekend. And then it’s like, boom! There’s an extra hour! Woohoo! That’s so much better than changing your clocks right before you go to bed, which kind of makes it seem like that extra hour never happened.

The real challenge is finding something fun to do for that extra hour. I’m thinking a brewery visit might be on the agenda for tomorrow. Enjoy!

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November 5th, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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