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The Evolution of Glasses

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I found a very old pair of brown glasses (I often have more than one pair of glasses but usually there’s a default brown pair in the mix somewhere) and was kind of WTF when I saw how tiny they are. It made me think it would be a good idea (wrong!) to chronicle the evolution of my brown glasses. Sorry about the bad photo booth pictures. Also I swear I’m not wearing too much blush it’s just that my cheeks get all red after I take a super-hot shower, dry my hair, and start drinking beer. I’m also representing for the NIU Huskies, holla! Anyway, on to the glasses:

very old glassesSmall, apparently before anti-glare coating had been invented. Dorky!

medium old glassesMedium. Nice, but not too exciting.

new glassesLarge!!!!!!

Photo on 1-8-12 at 5.11 PM #8And don’t forget, I still have these.

Next time, I’ll just put a car windshield on my face. I know there’s a large segment of the population that hates gigantic hipster glasses but I don’t even care. Bigger is better!

Also FYI: The Northern Illinois University bar in Denver is Wyman’s. Go there tonight!!!

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January 8th, 2012 at 5:22 pm

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