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I made lotion and, ugh, another hemp bracelet.

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Yesterday, I made lotion. I made lotion once before, using the “How to Make an Easy Beeswax Lotion” recipe from A Sonoma Garden. I liked that lotion so much I made it again. (FYI: It keeps for at least 8 months — I still have a tiny bit left from when I made it in February and it’s still good.)

If you take my word for anything in life, let it be this: Make this lotion. It is, without question, the best lotion I’ve ever used in my life. And it’s so easy. And cheap. Aside from the jojoba oil, I had leftover ingredients from the first time I made it plus reusable jars, so I didn’t have to buy anything new. I didn’t plan ahead to get jojoba oil so this time I used olive oil instead, which is what the recipe calls for anyway. I added some lavender essential oil and the lavender/olive oil scent is amazing.

Seriously you guys. Winter is coming and your skin is going to be dry, especially if you live in Colorado. Make and use (preferably when you have a little time after showering and before getting dressed or if you’re going to put on sweats or shit you wear around the house and don’t particularly care about — not that it ruins clothes because it doesn’t but because it is super greasy and it does take a while for the skin to absorb it) this, for real.

homemade lotion

Today was kind of a clusterfuck, and I hate the word “clusterfuck” because for some reason it grosses me out. I had the desire to make something but no ideas and no good supplies. I wanted to do a test run of pan de muerto using the one recipe I found that doesn’t call for anise (gross), but we’re out of all-purpose flour and I don’t have orange blossom water. I considered flourless peanut butter cookies and chocolate peanut butter ice cream but then realized I’ve been eating a lot of dessert lately and didn’t really need to make more.

I thought about starting to put together a photo book of Soren’s year for the grandparents (my mom is still showing off pictures of us from when Soren was a baby and we were kinda fat and doesn’t look at Flickr because she doesn’t really use the computer) but got overwhelmed by the thought of going through all my iPhoto shit.

So then I got out my jewelry supplies and kind of farted around for a while. I thought about using some leftover resin beads and hemp cord and . . . that didn’t work. Then I tried to make a hippie fabulous anklet using seed beads, bells, and hearts and . . . that didn’t work. So then I made a hemp bracelet. I even put some beads on the ends because why not. And it fits! Wait, don’t die of boredom yet. Or do, because you might as well, because that’s not very exciting. But hey, I made something even though it was really hard to come up with something to make with the supplies I have, so that’s, well, not awesome but still kind of cool.

Oh and also, if you’re into making hemp bracelets, and how could you not be, Made by Hippies is awesome. This guy introduced me to the groundbreaking technology of the binder clip and how to know which side to knot next (it’s not hard but I get distracted).

DIY hemp bracelet

Ben always accuses me of being on the way to becoming the lady who sells stuff at the Phish show, and I guess with my hippie lotion and hemp bracelets he’s probably right but damn, I don’t even listen to Phish. Or any hippie music, for that matter. The thought of a noodly guitar solo makes me want to punch someone in the face.

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October 9th, 2012 at 9:48 pm