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Halloween Costume Ideas

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Here are some ideas for your Halloween costume:

  • sexy librarian (for the people googling “DIY sexy librarian costume,” here you go: hair up, glasses, books, boobs)
  • sexy teacher
  • sexy schoolgirl
  • sexy angel
  • sexy devil
  • sexy Cerberus, the 3-headed watchdog of hell
  • sexy prisoner
  • sexy bounty hunter
  • sexy maid
  • sexy nurse
  • sexy doctor
  • sexy dentist
  • sexy election worker
  • sexy DMV employee
  • sexy bartender
  • sexy flight attendant
  • sexy detective
  • sexy ladybug
  • sexy cat
  • sexy catwoman
  • sexy dogwoman
  • sexy Rosie the Riveter
  • sexy angry rollerderby woman
  • sexy pirate
  • sexy zombie
  • sexy former raver
  • sexy trucker
  • sexy oil rig worker
  • sexy cowgirl
  • sexy animal rights advocate
  • sexy witch
  • sexy Mormon
  • .************sexy Christian singles************.
  • sexy Buddhist
  • sexy Amish woman
  • sexy Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran
  • sexy person who sells slushees at the Rockies game
  • sexy soft-porn author
  • sexy vaguely bondage-related thing
  • sexy woman in leather
  • sexy 18th century literature professor
  • sexy rejected Bachelor contestant who did the ugly cry in the limo
  • sexy rabbit
  • sexy Broncos fan
  • sexy elephant
  • sexy earthworm
  • sexy watermelon.

I think that just about covers all possible options.

My big idea is Gloria Steinem as Playboy Bunny, which is a big improvement over the time I went as T.J. Hoochmandzadeh (seriously — I still have a Cincinnati Bengals jersey) but I suspect that’s too esoteric for anybody to get in addition to being too sexy. Take my word for it: Unsexy Halloween costumes are the new sexy Halloween costumes.

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October 15th, 2012 at 7:56 pm

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