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Elevation Triple IPA

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For our first anniversary, I got . . . sick. I have the horrible cough Soren has had for a while. It’s the kind of cough that hurts your chest and, if you’re me, makes you lose your voice. But enough about that. What I want to tell you about now even though I’m sick and boring is what might be the best beer I’ve ever had in my life. It looks like this.

Elevation Triple IPA

It’s Elevation Triple IPA from Renegade Brewing Co. in Denver. 11.2% ABV/100+ IBU. If you’re not into beer math, 11.2% ABV + 100+ IBU = holy shit. “IBU” stands for “international bittering units,” and the higher the number the more bitter the beer, which is a very good thing if you like hoppy beers, which you do if you’re awesome. Elevation is right up there with Green Flash Imperial IPA and Stone Enjoy by 11/09/12 IPA in terms of exceptionally hoppy, delicious beers.

Please note, as always, this isn’t a sponsored post. This is just me telling you about some awesome beer. Mmmmm beer.

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November 12th, 2012 at 6:03 pm

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