I can’t believe I’m going to write a post about being sick, but I am, because I’m sick and boring.

Since right after Christmas, Ben has been sick with the worst cold of all time. First it was the horrible sore throat, followed by that thing where dudes get all floppy and sit on the couch crying because they’re delicate flowers when sick. Then came the cough. Holy shit the cough. The cough did not stop. It went on and on. The cough was so bad Ben would try to go to bed but then would get up after cough-cough-coughing and go sleep on the couch so that maybe I’d be able to get some sleep. (I can’t sleep with noises because I’m a delicate flower, and Ben can sleep anywhere and through anything except his own coughing.) Although the couch is like right outside the bedroom door, this helped, I think mainly because it allowed him to sleep in a more propped-up position, which of course is required when you have a terrible cough.

The whole time he’s been sick, I’ve been very sympathetic and accommodating, but I’ve also been all oh shit please oh please oh please let me avoid this cold. And I’ve avoided it for a long time. Until last night, when I got that thing I get sometimes where at first I think I’m really thirsty so I drink a ton of water and then I’m still thirsty so I’m all WTF and then I realize that my throat feels weird. I ate one of those awful zinc lozenges (I don’t recall whether those have been debunked) and curled up in bed with my current book. (I’m reading a book! The third one in the past few months! It’s A Few Seconds of Panic and I really like it, even though it’s off my current homesteading curriculum.)

This morning, my throat hurt but it wasn’t the excruciating pain I expected. So that was good. I mainly feel hot and cold and kind of light-headed, but I don’t have a fever. While working from home, I squeezed in a nap with Soren and consumed what I hope is an adequate amount of zinc and vitamin C. I even did a completely horrifying sinus rinse for the first time (I used this, no affiliate link, because it seems easier than all the head angling required for the neti pot and I love the dude on the box) and skipped my run, which I never do even when sick unless it’s a stomach bug or atrocious hangover.

I hope this helps. I’m exceptionally opposed to feeling like shit for the next 3 weeks.