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Speaking of hipster neighborhoods….

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This was the tag I found on our garage today.

Today's graffiti

WTF? Is there a gang that drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon? Are they letting people know hipsters who might drink PBR live here? (We drink PBR very, very rarely, only when Ben is slumming or it’s 900 degrees outside and you want a little something in the middle of the afternoon or you’re doing that thing I used to do in college where you make a poor man’s bloody Mary with PBR, tomato juice, and hot sauce.) Professional Bull Riders (fuck those guys and their animal abuse)? I have no idea but as always, we painted over that shit right away. If you want your logo on our property you’re going to have to fork over some $$$ and at least design something that looks somewhat cool.

Written by Tracy

March 7th, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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