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I have a well-documented love of daylight saving time. As a night person who doesn’t get up too early and doesn’t give a shit about whether it’s light out when I do get up, DST is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I’d almost advocate in favor of year-round DST but for one thing: Standard time sucks so much I almost like being on it for a while because then you get off of it and you’re all, “Yay! More daylight when I can actually enjoy it! Woohoo!” If I had to say one good thing about standard time it’s that it gives you more darkness to enjoy Christmas lights on cold December evenings. And that’s a stretch.

I don’t mind winter and I wouldn’t want to live in a place where it never gets cold or snows, but by this time of year I end up feeling kind of the same way about winter I feel about standard time: I’m so tired of winter and I’m beside myself with glee the first time I can sit in the back yard in a tank top as the sun warms my arms and my face. Soon it’ll be time to start gardening! And maybe get some chickens! (I’m taking a chicken class soon — I’ll let you know all about it.) And do all the other awesome stuff you can do in Colorado when it’s warm! I can’t wait!!

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March 13th, 2013 at 7:20 pm

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