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A New Tree

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Our new tree!

I didn’t get to really enjoy the nice weather this weekend because I’ve been sick. It’s a horrible cold, although the good news is I haven’t (yet) had the hacking up-all-night cough Ben experienced. The worst part for me has been the awful cold/hot extremes at the same time. All day Saturday, my head felt hot and my body was freezing so much I was constantly covered in goosebumps and the feel of clothes on my skin was painful. By far the most enjoyable portion of the weekend was the time spent eating spicy red curry. The sitting-on-my-ass portion wasn’t too bad, either.

In cheerier news, we got a new tree (to replace the one destroyed when the neighbors’ tree fell on it last summer). I tried to make it look as majestic as possible in the photo but it’s teeny tiny. It’s an Autumn Gold Ginkgo. Ginkgo trees are the shit, even though I try to spell “Ginkgo” wrong every time I write it. They remind me of Oak Park.

Also, it’s snowing right now. Snowing! Again! And it’s gloomy as hell outside. This winter weather in late April can bite me!

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April 22nd, 2013 at 11:58 am

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