What do vegans put on bread?

As I’ve been kind of fumbling toward veganism (my vague goal right now seems to be “almost vegan,” which to me means vegan but for eggs from my own chickens, once they start making them), I keep having questions. It’s actually really fun, as long as I look at quasi-veganism as an amazing culinary adventure where I will discover new worlds of flavor, rather than focusing on the things I don’t want to eat any more. And it’s not hard to focus on the vegan positive. The internet is an amazing place when you’re learning about veganism.

But sometimes you don’t need the internet. Tonight’s question was: What do vegans put on bread? I googled it and got stupid answers, like “vegan butter” and was like no, I don’t want to go out and buy vegan butter. I want to make something good to put on my bread using ingredients I already have in the house. So I used common sense, which actually worked. I’m sure vegans have been making something like this since the dawn of veganism, but for me it was new:

olive oil, nutritional yeast, Sicilian seasoning, salt.

That’s it! And it was good. So good, in fact, that I didn’t miss butter or olive oil with parmesan cheese and Ben even liked it.


FYI, my vegan ranch dressing recipe is a work in progress. My first attempt was decent but too runny and too sweet. I might have to make my own soy milk.