Vegan Pesto Recipe

The thing with a vegan pesto recipe (like any pesto recipe) is that it’s not really a recipe. I mean, you don’t need a recipe. You just need some ingredients and a food processor. The trick is to take your regular old non-vegan pesto recipe (assuming the only non-vegan thing in your pesto was parmesan cheese) and replace the parmesan cheese with roasted, salted cashews. Cashews are freaking amazing. I was snacking on them while making this pesto last night and noticed that they have the same qualities I love about parmesan cheese — they’re delicious and salty and even seem to hit the part of your brain that goes “ooooooh” when you eat some really good parmesan cheese.

(Note: I’m working on a vegan ranch dressing recipe, adapted from something from my Vitamix cookbook, with a base of raw cashews and avocado. It’s going to be pretty awesome once I get the seasonings right.)

Anyway, on to the recipe. I promise you this is just as good as non-vegan pesto.

Vegan Pesto “Recipe”


  • fresh basil
  • fresh garlic (I recommend going easy on the garlic so it’s not too overpowering)
  • roasted, salted cashews
  • pine nuts
  • olive oil
  • whatever kind of salt you like (regular, sea, whatever)


Add all ingredients to your food processor and process until smooth. Taste and adjust as needed (I always need to add more salt and oil). Enjoy!

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