Oh Sadie Sadie it’s a wild world.


Recently I learned that one of the best simple pleasures in life is looking at pictures of cute dogs on Instagram. I could never keep up with my own Instagram account, so I made one for Sadie (username = sadiedandelion). It’s great, although now I feel all this pressure to post cute pictures of Sadie all the time. Not that it’s hard to take cute pictures of Sadie, seeing as she’s cute and all, but still.

In honor of Sadie’s birthday tomorrow, I got her a little basket so she can ride around with me on my bicycle (this one, in pink). Yesterday, to introduce her to the basket, I put her in it and walked around the house. That went well, which is encouraging, but I’m sure it’ll be mad crazy chaos as soon as she’s on a bike with her gigantic ears flapping in the breeze.

Speaking of Sadie’s birthday, she’s going to be 5! Crazy. I have no idea why her chin is all gray already. She needs some Just for Dogs hair color.