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I’ve owned these glasses since 2008.

The child of Lithuanian immigrants, I spent my youth on the south side of Chicago selling newspapers, delivering groceries, and prizefighting.

Oh wait. That wasn’t me.

I’m a Chicago native living in the historic and crime-ridden Cole neighborhood of Denver with my boyfriend fiancé husband, our son (est. October 2009), two three dogs, four cats, and three chickens (seriously). We live in a little (950 square feet) old (1888) house. In addition to kid and animal wrangling and writing here, I have a full-time job (I edit substantive legal stuff). I used to be an attorney (I’m the type who loved law school but didn’t love practicing law). I have ADHD and as you might have guessed, I’m (known to abuse parentheses). I’m an organic-eating, GMO-avoiding vegetarian (attempting to go vegan as of May 2013), and I’m getting into small-scale urban homesteading (the let’s-grow-some-food-and-make-stuff-and-cook-a-lot kind, not the end-of-the-world-get-your-guns kind) and minimalism. I’m kind of a slacker Buddhist, too.

This started out as a sports blog, but now I write about whatever. I’m just a person who likes to write stuff.

I rarely discuss friends here and never post their pictures because I value their privacy.

This is not a for-profit blog. I don’t have ads and don’t use affiliate links. You’ll never find sponsored content or giveaways here; holy crap every time I see a giveaway I die of boredom. I wouldn’t mind making some extra money, but in my opinion, you can’t write about yourself, your kid, and your life on a for-profit blog without being gross.

You can read about why I call this “Hit by a Pitch” here. If you want to know anything else, I suppose you just have to read some entries, because I’m not going to sit here and talk about myself all day.

I know the site is ugly; it’s just a WordPress template. I’d love to make it look cool, but I’m a lover, not a web designer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here. Although I no longer allow comments on most posts (read why here — it’s nothing bad, I promise), I’ll do my best to respond if you email me at fanmail at hitbyapitch dot com or @hitbyapitch me on Twitter.

P.S. Here is my advice for you (if you were to ask me for advice): Things you can do that have a great chance of increasing your general level of happiness include working out really hard for an hour five days per week, living close to where you work, and having at least one animal. No excuses. Excuses are for pussies.

P.P.S. Here are pictures of everybody.

wedding shots

Ben, me, Soren (2011)

holiday card photo shoot 2012

me, Ben, Soren (2012)



dog party

Simone de Beauvoir



This cat

Valkyrie (AKA VIP)

Yo dawg, what up?



Jupiter and Peep

they're pals

Margarita, Gertrude, and Josephine

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ‘Just wanted to drop off a comment and tell you that I like your blog. The light humor makes it amusing to read! Definitely going to add it to my blogroll.

  2. hey, just wanted to say that I like this blog, mostly because I also love José Mesa! And yes, I found this blog while Googling “José Mesa” ;) .

  3. question? when a player throws a glove at a ball over his head in the out field. misses the ball and pickes the ball up and throws the player out at second. what is the ruling on that play. 2 question? when a player in on first and the batter hits him and he is still on the bag, is the player on first out?

  4. I love this blog. I finally found a chick that loves baseball (and sports, and beer) more than I do (maybe not beer). I’m still a Bears fan from the 80′s because I was in love with Jim McMahon. Keep up the good shit.

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  6. Your blog really hits “home” with me. If I ever learn how to use twitter, read blogs, and do other things on the internets, I will check-in on this from time to time. See ya around!

  7. Hey,
    I was googling White Sox vs. Rockies and found this site! I’m originally from Oak Forest, so Southside pride all the way! I’ll be at the White Sox vs. Rockies game on Wednesday also, but I got rockpile tickets because I’m cheap. I love the blog (or atleast what I’ve read so far!).

  8. Thanks, Amanda! There were lots of Sox fans at Coors Field last night — it was great! Hope they can pull off a win tonight and it doesn’t rain or whatever it’s thinking of doing right now.

  9. You make me laugh! HA. Also, I like to pretend like we are similar. I went to law school (and graduated), but do not practice law and I do not understand juice. What is juice for?!

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog while googling information about disputing a parking ticket in Denver! Love it! And I live in the Cole neighborhood too!

  11. Haha that’s just about the only Lithuanian I know. Oh wait, I can say “thank you very much” and count to 10! Good to see you again!

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