Memorial Day Weekend

Do you want to see 1,000 pictures from our Memorial Day weekend? There’s something about summer (and, well, almost summer) and being out doing stuff that makes me kind of not want to sit down and write anything. That’s usually the same time I want to take lots of pictures.

Ready to go!
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
at Tommyknocker

I used a muffin tinnecklace

Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens


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Quick & Dirty Guide to the 2011 Winter X Games

The Winter X Games are this Thursday through Sunday and, now that the Super Bowl is dead to me, I’m super excited about it. I love the Winter X Games (and one of these years, I’m going to Aspen to watch this shit in person).

A full schedule of events is available here. If you’re not ambitious/interested enough to watch everything, here are my recommendations (all times MST, because that’s how we roll here in Colorado).

  • Thursday, 9 p.m.: skiing superpipe women’s final
  • Friday, 4:45 p.m.: skiing superpipe men’s final
  • Friday, 5:15 p.m.: snowboard best method (I’m recommending this only because it’s a new event this year and might be interesting; the winner will be selected by text message voting, which I think is lame.)
  • Friday, 8 p.m.: snowboard big air final
  • Saturday, 9:30 a.m.: mono skier X qualifying (Mono skier X is bad ass, so I recommend watching it every chance you get.)
  • Saturday, noon: snowboarder X men’s final
  • Saturday, 2 p.m.: snowboarder X women’s final
  • Saturday, 2:30 p.m.: skiing slopestyle men’s final
  • Saturday, 7:45 p.m.: snowboard superpipe women’s final
  • Saturday, 8:30 p.m.: skiing big air final
  • Sunday, 11:15 a.m.: skier X men’s and women’s final
  • Sunday, 11:30 a.m.: snowcross round one (I don’t like the snowmobile “style” stuff but I love the race.)
  • Sunday, 12:15 p.m.: snowcross last-chance qualifier
  • Sunday, 1:15 p.m.: snowcross final
  • Sunday, 1:45 p.m.: snowboard slopestyle men’s final
  • Sunday, 3: p.m.: mono skier X semifinal
  • Sunday, 3:45 p.m.: mono skier X final
  • Sunday, 6:30 p.m.: snowboard superpipe men’s final

A list of confirmed athletes is available here. You’ll notice snowmobile superstar Levi LaVallee isn’t there. That’s because he was injured while performing a new stunt in December. Fortunately, my pal with the best name in the world, Torstein Horgmo, will be there. (If you don’t know who to cheer for, I recommend my people, which in this case is the Norwegians, including the delightful Andreas Håtveit.)

I’m looking forward to seeing host/play-by-play guru Sal Masekela again. Tell me it wouldn’t be awesome to smoke a big fatty with him and then get strawberry crepes at Poppycocks (awesome breakfast food). (You can find out more about the broadcast team here.)

For more on skiing, check out Freeskier (@freeskier), which is a site I randomly found during last year’s games, I think because I was looking for pictures of Sarah Burke’s hair (really).

If you’re lucky enough to be in Aspen this weekend and want to get a drink, I recommend 39 Degrees at the Sky Hotel (awesome hot tub) and J-Bar at Hotel Jerome. If you’re looking for music, they have awesome shit at Belly Up (GZA is there on Wednesday), although watch out for bitch-ass hos who put their cigarettes, which they’re not even supposed to be smoking, in your beer while you’re sitting there minding your own business at the Girl Talk show and you almost have to be dragged away before getting into a physical altercation because that’s just rude.

Have fun being stoked, kids!

Note: I don’t get paid by anyone for anything I do on the internet. All recommendations and opinions are unbiased and legit.

X Games Roundup

The Winter X Games are over and, even in Colorado, we’re back to worrying about Tom Brady and his pretend ankle injury. I wish they’d list Belichick and his whole faux injury report as “questionable” this week, but there’s plenty of time for complaining about the Super Bowl later. For now, let’s wrap up the weekend in Aspen.

  • HBP favorite Andreas Hatveit took gold in men’s ski slopestyle.
  • American Daron Rahlves won men’s skier X, which featured some ridiculous crashes.
  • Lindsey Jacobellis didn’t wipe out just before the finish line, winning gold in women’s snowboarder X.
  • There was a lot of good music — Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West were featured, which was nice.
  • Snocross is cooler than freestyle. The flips are kind of cool, but it’s not that impressive when a dude who learned how to do a backflip on a snowmobile just a few weeks ago wins the gold medal. That said, Levi LaVallee is adorable.
  • Skiing is more fun to watch than snowboarding.
  • Slopestyle is more fun to watch than superpipe.
  • I’d appreciate more neutral announcers (I get it — Shaun White is the Brett Favre of the X Games).
  • I want some of whatever Torah Bright is on.
  • Having fans vote for Big Air winners is kind of lame, because unless one guy totally sucks, they’re going to vote for the American every time.
  • Torstein Horgmo!!!!!!!
  • I hope they get new advertisers next year, so we don’t see the creepy Edge guys getting their faces felt up by mystery hands 900 times a day. Also, if I never see the creepy excess-heads-attached-to-bodies ESPN college hoops ads again, I’ll be very happy even if I can’t erase the terrifying image from my mind.
  • Athletes must get kicked out of the games if they don’t say “stoked” at least once during every interview, unless something really bad just happened and you’re, like, totally not stoked at the moment.
  • Mono skier X is the most badass event of the X Games. That shit is AWESOME — watch it here.

I’m sure I’d get more into the X Games if I knew more about what the heck they’re doing. So by this time next year, I’ll be sure to know a cab from a misty and a whiskey flip from a kangaroo flip and just what a backside rodeo nine is. Oh, and I’ll be stoked, too.

Winter X Games: Men’s Ski Superpipe

Men’s ski superpipe results — 1.24.08

1. Tanner Hall: 92.33
2. Simon Dumont: 91.00
3. Colby West: 85.00
4. Andreas Hatveit: 81.66
5. Jossi Wells: 75.00
6. Mike Riddle: 70.00
7. Peter Olenick: 65.00
8. Sean Field: 64.00
9. Matt Hayward: 50.33

Let’s be honest. I know jack shit about skiing and superpipe. I don’t know a whiskey flip (it’s this really cool thing that only some Napoleon Dynamite-looking dude from Colorado does) from a 1080. I’m admitting right off the bat that I’m an idiot.

So here is the perspective of a jack-shit-knowing idiot who watched this for the first time, ever:

The competition was kind of boring, because Tanner Hall got a 90 on his first run, a 92.33 on his second, and nobody ever caught him. So there was no real drama or excitement. It felt like his mom was one of the judges (who are the judges, by the way?). Also, I know nothing about Tanner Hall and his 9,000 medals they kept talking about, but he didn’t come off as a very likable character. In fact, if I met him on the street, I’d probably want to punch him in the face (and I’m saying that the same way Ichiro Suzuki says it when he refers to punching himself in the face). The crowd didn’t seem to like him much either, or they just much preferred Simon Dumont. They even broke out in a chorus of “Bullshit!” at the end of the competition.

From the perspective of a newbie, there were two guys who were really interesting to watch, and they were interesting for very different reasons.

Simon Dumont was awesomely explosive, getting amazing amplitude (that means he gets really, really high in the air up the sides of the pipe). Andreas Hatveit has ridiculous technical skills, but lacks the amplitude of the other skiers. That said, he was my favorite to watch. The best thing was the way he starts off by going into the pipe backwards (switch). I always like the quirky guy who does something a little different, so Hatveit (who’s from Norway, so he’s my people) was my favorite. Also, and it’s hard to tell with all the gear they wear, but he might be kind of hot. I hate to be like that, but I have to admit that when I watch a sport I know nothing about, 90% of my cheering is based on the hotness of the athletes. There, I said it.

Also, who in the hell is Tina Dixon? I think she’s high. I could do a better job interviewing these guys.

How’s your Aspen?

I’m not sure why I’m excited about the Winter X Games this weekend, but I am. Maybe it’s because my people are from the north and I have an affinity for all things winter, and because although I don’t ski, I love finding or inventing reasons to visit the mountains.

That said, I’m not actually going to the games. Although Aspen is absolutely gorgeous, it’s not my favorite place in the world. This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ll ever say here, but you can’t take a step in Aspen without bumping into a woman with blonde highlights, silly boots, and a Louis Vuitton handbag. (This is ridiculous for me to say because it’s like I’m complaining, but I’m a woman with blonde highlights, ridiculous boots, and a Louis Vuitton handbag, so I’m kind of making fun of myself while also experiencing a particular type of existential angst reserved for women with fancy handbags who still feel like they “keep it real” and aren’t like the people in Aspen who bump into you at the diner and don’t say “excuse me.”) In the winter, Aspen is crowded and everything is way too expensive. Aside from breakfast, I haven’t been impressed by Aspen food, which isn’t very vegetarian friendly.

So let’s talk about what’s good about Aspen, for those of you heading out there. The best place for aprés game drinks and lounging is 39 Degrees at the Sky Hotel. Hotel rooms here (if you’re lucky enough to get a room on such a hot weekend) come with awesome animal-print robes, and believe me, you’ll be loving life if you wear one of those out to the bar and the heated pool and hot tub just outside the doors. Now that I think about it, this hotel rocks in general, with its through-the-looking-glass decor and in-room humidifiers and iHomes. J-Bar at the Hotel Jerome is another good place to get a drink. Poppycocks is awesome for breakfast (although their website doesn’t seem to be working — hopefully they’re still open).

Although I won’t be there, it won’t be too bad to watch the games in HD from my comfortable couch in the nice warm house with plenty of beer in the fridge. I’ll update with my thoughts, which I’m sure will read like a “Winter X Games for dummies” because I don’t know anything about this stuff.