MVB: Most Valuable Beers

Note: This is incredibly out-of-date. I need to update soon to include, OMG, Gubna, and some other stuff.

Nothing is better than good sports and good beer — they go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Better than peanut butter and chocolate.

I hope to start writing little beer reviews, although to be honest, they’re going to be more like beer recommendations, because I’m not going to waste time writing about crappy beer. That means I can share my beer snobbery with you and do something constructive with all this drinking.

This page lists my beer ratings and, when I start writing them, will link to my reviews.

Alaskan Smoked Porter—Rating: 9/10
Alaskan Brewing Company, Juneau, Alaska

Bourbon County Stout—Rating: 9/10
Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago, Illinois
The Otis Wilson of beers—smooth as a chocolate swirl and it’ll kick your ass like a Bears linebacker. Have this for dessert. We had it with chocolate cake and let me tell you, I couldn’t tell where the cake ended and the Bourbon County Stout began. Cheesecake would be the ideal pairing with this beer.

Gordon—Rating: 10/10
Oskar Blues, Lyons, Colorado
Without question, this is the best beer in the universe.

Imperial IPA—Rating: 9.5/10
Green Flash Brewing Co., Vista, California
This gets a 9.5 only because I can’t give anything but Gordon a perfect 10. If you like hops — yeah. Drink this, now. This is straightforward hoppiness at its best, like what would happen if you made tea out of hops and it was delicious.

Mojo IPA—Rating: 7/10
Boulder Beer Company, Boulder, Colorado
This is what I refer to as a “floral” IPA; it’s more floral than hoppy. Yummy.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale—Rating: 7/10
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, California
This is the classic default beer. It’s a nice IPA that’s subtle enough to drink all the time.

Snake Dog IPA—Rating: 7/10
Flying Dog Brewery, Denver, Colorado
Nice and hoppy (as opposed to what I refer to as “floral”) — like a milder version of Green Flash West Coast IPA.

Stone IPA—Rating: 8/10
Stone Brewing Co., Escondido California
This is another awesome IPA. I’d say this is slightly more floral than hoppy (which is still hoppy).

Titan IPA—Rating: 7/10
Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver, Colorado

West Coast IPA—Rating: 7/10
Green Flash Brewing Co., Vista, California
Pure, straightforward hoppy goodness.

15 thoughts on “MVB: Most Valuable Beers

  1. If you make it up to Minneapolis to watch a White Sox/Twins game, be sure to go to Town Hall Brewery before or after the game (it’s not too far from the Dome). You will not be disappointed. Their beer is fantastic!

  2. Specific suggestions (based on what you’ve listed so far):

    - Black H2O Oatmeal Stout (always on tap)
    - Masala Mama IPA (always on tap)
    - Anything with coffee (Coffee Stout, Coffee Porter, CaraJava Brown Ale, etc). Outstanding, but seasonal.
    - Any hoppy seasonal that they have
    - Hope and King Scotch Ale (smooth and delicious)
    - I actually like their fruit-infused beers, because they’re made with fresh fruit (ex: Mango Masala Mama IPA, Hope Cherry Ale).
    - Their American Double Red was great, too

    Hell, I could really just go on and on, but I’ll stop there.

  3. You need to ditch the Rockies and make it to the true beer capital of the USA: Oregon. From what goes in to what comes out, the taste and variety out here is tops.

    Sidenote: If I have to see another of those annoying Sam Adams commercials (where they talk about their 22 “award-winning” brews) I’m just gonna start chucking bottles at my TV. Have people forgotten that Sam Adams tastes like the ass of the Charles river?

  4. BBDK: Paradise = Rogue restaurant in Portland. Great meal, millions of Rogues on tap, and I got a free dead guy shirt.

  5. Imagine, you wait 9 months for a comment and then six show up at once. This is #7!

    While Colorado does have a decent selection of brews, Snowman being my favorite, Oregon and Washington is definitely where the beer scene is. Rogue, Deschutes, Bridgeport, Standing Stone, Iron Horse, and on, and on, and on…


  6. I really have no choice but to give some Minnesota brews some love here:

    Others to try:
    Anything that the Surly Brewery has put out. “Bender” and “Furious” are the result of brewers making beer they wanted to drink rather than trying to be a particular style of beer.
    They may be getting some national distribution soon.

    I don’t know if Summit has made it very far out of the state yet, but their Extra Pale Ale is the beer of choice for many here in the Twin Cities. Kind of the standard you fall back on when you’re at a bar that doesn’t have some crazy new thing to try.

  7. As someone who lives close to Colorado, has family living in Oregon and sampled brews from both states,I’d say that Colorado and Oregon are too close to call. Mojo IPA and Titan IPA are both quality beers, as are Mirror Pond and Black Butte Porter.

    Based on your list, I’d seek out Odell’s IPA. Brewed in Fort Collins and its my No. 1 beer. More balance than Mojo or Titan with a nice flavorful kick. And if you can find it, try Sierra Nevada’s Harvest Ale or Great Divide’s Fresh Hop Ale in the Fall.

  8. Dave, thank you so much for the beer recommendations. A good, fruit-infused beer can be awesome — I had an amazing blueberry beer at Goose Island last fall (unfortunately, they don’t ship out here). I’ve never heard of Surly Brewery — will definitely check that out.

    BruceBowenDeathKick, haha @ Sam Adams. Their stuff is better than Coors, which is everywhere out here. That said, my cat could spit up something that’s better than Coors. I always try a lot of Oregon stuff at the Great American Beer Festival (greatest event on earth) and am always impressed with it.

    the last unitard, I haven’t had a Dead Guy Ale in a while, but that’s a good one.

    Jake, I have to update this list, definitely. I started out with beers I really like. Honestly, I think Fat Tire is terribly overrated. I liked it for a while, but now I think it tastes kind of stale and weirdly chocolatey. Their Skinny Dip is a decent light beer, although I liked Loft better and they haven’t made that for a couple years.

    Malicious Sophist, they do have awesome beers out there — no argument here. I’ll have to do a Pacific Northwest beer tour in the next couple years.

    Keith, I totally forgot to add Odell’s IPA — that’s another one of my favorites. I don’t think I’ve had Great Divide’s Fresh Hop Ale — will definitely look for it.

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  10. I stumbled across your site after typing into my browser ” Why are women assholes?” ( which was after being reminded of my ex-GF by a song I was listening to for the first time.) Go figure.

    Anyway, I was perusing your site and saw your MVB listing and thought I’d add my own for your consideration, ( even though I can only comment on Sierra Nevada from your listing ~ excellent IPA and Porter) and in case you and Ben and Soren ever drop in on the East Coast.

    Dogfish~ These guys make some of the finest craft beer ever such as:
    Midas Touch- Somewhere between wine and mead, Midas will please the chardonnay and beer drinker alike.Sweet but dry. Based on a 2,700 year old recipe.

    Bitch’s Brew~ a tribute beer to Miles Davis tour de Force recording and a beer so different and good it’ll knock your tits off. It’s a a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root.

    Bass Ale~ simply incomparable and made so far to the east it’s actually a British Ale. : – >

    Yuengling ( Chinese Beer made in Pottsville, PA)~ The beer company that Boston Brewing actually wanted to be but wasn’t.

    Yuengling Amber Lager~ hoppy and rich with warm notes of honey , caramel and bittersweet finish. Awesome.

    Lord Chesterfield Ale~ a true IPA, very dry , with a semi~sweet quality reminscent of chardonnay wine.

    Williams Brewing Company

    Froach ~ Scottish Heather Ale really different and delicious )~ they have numerous versions and the recipes are VERY old and delicious but my favorite is Alba( is the gaelic word for Scotland ) and is made with pine needles as a flavoring, Kelpie made with Seaweed and Ebulum made with Elderberries.

    Be well. And thanks for the laughs.( I needed them since I was reminiscing about my ex-GF ( particularly since I was looking up assholes…lol)( have YOU ever used parentheses inside parentheses before ? ):-> )

  11. Thanks, Ferd, and you’re not the first to find my site that way!

    I love Dogfish beers — their IPAs are bananas. I’ll definitely check out your other recommendations. Lord Chesterfield Ale sounds awesome!

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