5 thoughts on “Site Map (ADHD Version)

  1. Totally on board with the whole micro, ultra local news site. It sucks when shit goes down and we cant even find out who did what and how many people are dead etc… How many others are interested in this type of thing? You have a lot of readership in the Cole hood?
    I have a neighbor who would be all about this too.
    And ho-ly shit. I was playing basketball Saturday evening at that basketball court right at 1600 Bruce Randolph- with my wife- and we had our one month old daughter there.
    This is bullshit.
    Hopefully by creating this site, we will not only become informed and inform others, we will be able to generate ideas to help cut this crap out.
    Lets talk about it. I bet my wife would help out- she is a freelance writer and doesn’t work right now, so I bet she’d be on board.
    Even with 5 or 10 familys or houses around the hood, i bet we could get something going. What about that @ColeMemoirs dude? You know him?

  2. Ha! I used to be Twitter friends with that guy until I made fun of Sarah Palin and he called me crazy and stopped following me. He’s kind of a grump, although maybe I’m being defensive because he thinks I’m crazy.

    We bring our kid to that park all the time.

    I don’t think I have many readers in the neighborhood (I used to avoid saying where I lived because I’m a little paranoid) but we’re getting to know more of our neighbors and some of them might be interested, and there are a few peeps on Twitter.

    Someone on Twitter sent me an awesome idea — we could use a Twitter hashtag like #colenews or #80205 or something — that would be a great way to start. I wonder if we could do something on Tumblr, too. I want to find a way for multiple people to have posting access while still being able to control things so we don’t get over run with the kind of comments you see on local news articles.

  3. Another Cole Neighborhood local yokel here. We have been toying with the idea of getting chickens for a couple of years now. I look forward to reading more about your experience (particularly how the dogs, and neighbors adapt to yet another “playmate” in the yard). Hopefully we will be right behind you in our urban farming experience.

  4. That’s awesome!!

    We made a brooder for the chickens that’s totally predator proof — to account for the cats and dogs, particularly the Rottweiler. I’ll write a post about it soon. Everything is going really well so far. Chickens are fantastic! You should do it!

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