Rockies At-Bat Music 2012

Hey sports fans! It’s time once again for my annual post about the walk-up music of Colorado Rockies players. As always, I’ll update the list as I find out more and I’ll make a Grooveshark playlist ASAP. Enjoy, and comments are on for this post.


Matt Belisle:
Rafael Betancourt: Give Me Everything by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo
Rex Brothers:
Jhoulys Chacin:
Tyler Chatwood:
Jeremy Guthrie: Tonight is the Night by Outasight (pitching), What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (hitting)
Jamie Moyer:
Juan Nicasio:
Matt Reynolds:
Josh Roenicke: Imma Star by Jeremih
Esmil Rogers: Winner by Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake


Ramon Hernandez: Ven Morena by Oscar D’Leon, Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo
Wilin Rosario: El Cafe by Tito Swing, International Love by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown


Jason Giambi: Wolfpack Theme by N.W.O.
Todd Helton: Springsteen by Eric Church
Jonathan Herrera: Riscate by Alexis & Fido
Chris Nelson: What’s My Name by DMX
Jordan Pacheco: Square Dance by Eminem
Marco Scutaro: Danza Kuduro (Club Mix) by Denoizer feat. Don Omar
Troy Tulowitzki: Levels by Avicii, Gotta Have It by Jay-Z and Kanye West (apparently Gotta Have It was for Opening Day only)


Tyler Colvin: Hold on to Black Metal by My Morning Jacket
Michael Cuddyer: Kyoto by Skrillex, I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion, Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang
Dexter Fowler: Grind 24 by Torch, Arab Money by Rick Ross
Carlos Gonzalez: Donde Estes Llegare by Alexis & Fido
Eric Young Jr.: Headlines by Drake

My At-Bat Song

When you spend as much time thinking about baseball walk-up music as I do, eventually you have to figure out what your at-bat song would be.

first game of the yearWith a few exceptions, I don’t know how professional baseball players choose what music they want to hear when they come to the plate (or, in the case of relief pitchers [my favorite!], what music plays when they run from the bullpen to the mound). I know Troy Tulowitzki (allegedly) picks songs kids want to hear (although if you want to know the truth, I really think he actually does have atrocious taste in music, actually likes Justin Bieber, and wanted to use Justin Bieber as his music all along and just did that whole “let the fans pick my music” thing so nobody would realize he actually likes Justin Bieber, and you see how that turned out — now we all know that Troy Tulowitzki actually likes Justin Bieber). Someone commented on my Rockies 2010 post saying that Ryan Spilborghs used Tainted Love last year because Soft Cell was a one-hit wonder and he thought he would be, too. Spilly is awesome. (If anybody knows the story behind Roxanne this year, let me know.) Ian Stewart is known for changing his music all the time — as Troy Renck tweeted last year, “Ian Stewart has more walk-up songs than Rodman had hairdos.”

Picking an at-bat song seems like one of those things that would be awesome to do, until you have to do it and you freeze up and are unable to make a decision. On the one hand, you just want to pick an awesome song. On the other hand, you know this is a big deal. You have to pick a song that’s going to make you feel bad ass (or however you want to feel when you’re at the plate). You also realize that, on some level, people are going to judge you by what song blasts (or in the case of Coors Field, softly wafts) from the speakers every time you come up to bat. Are you man enough to be an unabashed Bieber-lover? Do you want to stay true to your roots with some reggaeton? Are you a down-home pickup truck driver who likes twangy country? When you’re a baseball player, your song is part of who you are, at least to the people who are weird enough to be so into baseball that they even notice these things — and hey, those are the people who matter!

I don’t know whether I’d change my music every year. Unless you’re Joe Beimel bringing your bad-ass tattooed arm and killer attitude in from the bullpen over the intimidating strains of God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash, you might want variety from one year to the next. In that case, the process of picking a song might be a little less intimidating.

But if you had to pick just one song, what would it be?

I’ve thought about it plenty of times, but I’ve never committed. I suppose it’s time for me to settle down with what would be my song if I were a professional baseball player.

You know how when you’re a kid, you have things like a favorite band and a favorite song? I don’t think adults really do that. But if I had to pick a favorite song, this would be it. I remember writing a blog post about it a long time ago (Live Journal tragically won’t let me go far enough back to find it tonight, and believe me, scrolling through blog posts I wrote in 2005 was tragic enough, thanks). I think I referred to it as the best song in the universe or some shit. It’s a song I never skip if it comes on when I’m running. I’d blast the hell out of it while driving with my windows down no matter where I’m driving. (I’ll be honest. There are some songs I’m embarrassed to be blasting in my car with the windows down, especially if I’m somewhere like downtown where people are out and about hearing that shit. That’s pretty lame and I should get over it, but people judge you by your at-bat music and nobody cares about your driving-around-with-the-windows-down music, especially when you’re some dorky woman in a bugeye Subaru, but sometimes you want to pretend you’re more important in the universe than you are.) It’s a song I’d blast while dancing around the house by myself when I have the chance to do that again and I wouldn’t rather try to take a nap while the soothing sounds of baseball fill the living room before Ben and Soren get back from the store. It’s a song I thought I’d want to listen to while in labor (that one ended up being wrong and I wholeheartedly rejected my entire 11.2-hour (no lie) I’m-in-labor-kicking-ass-and-giving-birth-bitches playlist in favor of sitting on the couch wanting to die most of the time).

It’s a song that does something to my soul the way no other song does. Don’t get me wrong — I love other songs, some of them so much I’m getting all wound up just thinking about them and I want to tell you about some of them but don’t even get me started because there are so many and I’d worry about leaving something out. (New playlist idea: Tracy’s Rejected At-Bat Songs.) I don’t know why this song speaks to me the way it does. I’m really not its intended audience. I don’t come from where it comes from and I haven’t experienced the struggles it addresses. But somehow with music, that doesn’t matter. Deep in our hearts where we feel these things, maybe we’re all the same. That kind of thing makes me really love people, you know?

Anyway, here it is. I’m at bat.

Rockies At-Bat Music 2011

Note: The 2012 post is here!

Hey sports fans! It’s time once again to talk about the walk-up music of Colorado Rockies players. I’m sorry there are so many I don’t know yet. It seems like they’ve turned the music down at Coors Field — I could barely hear anything today and Shazam wasn’t working very well. I spent a lot of time standing by a speaker and I still got a lot of “no match” crap. I’ll fill in the blanks as I find out more.

Update: Thanks to the awesome Jake C for his help with the list, if by “help” I mean “doing all the work.”

I’m putting the list behind a cut because I’ve added Grooveshark widgets for all songs and I don’t want you to have to deal with those if you’re not interested.
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Troy Tulowitzki has atrocious taste in music.

The other day, I saw that The Denver Post was taking suggestions for Troy Tulowitzki’s new walk-up song. As you may know, the walk-up (or at-bat as I usually call it) music of Colorado Rockies players is a subject about which I care deeply. I began pondering what awesome song I could submit and then after a while completely forgot about it. On some level, I realized I shouldn’t get too invested in the process because I am well aware that, bless his little heart, Troy Tulowitzki has atrocious taste in music. (He used Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus last season. I understand he likes to pick songs that appeal to kids these days or whatever, but there’s no excuse for making fans listen to that shit.)


We like baseball!

The plan was to whittle the fan submissions down to 30 songs, through a process that was not revealed. The 30 songs are listed here. From those 30 songs, Troy Tulowitzki chose the four finalists. You can listen to the four finalists and vote for your “favorite” here (vote by Tuesday).

I listened to as much of each song as I could handle, which for most of them was not much. I don’t want to sound like a hopelessly out-of-touch old fart, but those songs are terrible. In an effort to choose the least awful option, I voted for Ke$ha. That song didn’t make me cry, and on some level I at least understand Ke$ha. (Full disclosure: I do like Katy Perry’s Electric Feel cover.)

Update: The winning song and Troy Tulowitzki’s walk-up music for 2011 is Firework by Katy Perry.

Update: He changed his song to Baby by Justin Bieber.

My song wouldn’t have made it past the play-in game in the first round, but here it is.

Bonus: It’s local!

Now that I’ve had more time to think about it and fully digest Tulo’s bad-music leanings (and the fact that he takes himself too seriously), I’d offer Pretty Boy Swag as a new suggestion. The original version is painfully boring, so he’d have to use a remix, like this one (or this 90s house version) (or, best of all, this Girl Talk mashup with Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker). (You have no idea how many Pretty Boy Swag remixes I listened to today.) I mean, for real, how badass would it be to walk to home plate with this booming from the Coors Field sound system:

Get out the way pretty boy comin through
me and my crew we swaggin in the room
girls on me heavy cause I look so sexy
yellow diamond shawty in the club straight flexin
I’m lookin for a yellow bone long haired star
thick in the hips come get in my car
you party with a star we take off and go to Mars
pretty boy take off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

That would be almost as awesome as that time we had Kazuo Matsui and the best at-bat song of all time:

Update: If you want to know about Troy Tulowitzki’s 2012 music, go here.

Rockies At-Bat Music 2009

Well, better late than never, right?

This is the third year I’ve tried to keep track of the music used by Colorado Rockies players during games (you can read the 2007 post here and the 2008 post here). So, now it’s time for 2009, finally. It was much easier for me to make the list this year thanks to iPhones and the Shazam app (seriously, if you don’t have it, get it — it’s awesome).

The list is in alphabetical order again this year, and I won’t take anyone off who gets sent to the minors (sorry, Jason!) or put on the DL. I’ll update as I get more songs.

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