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Suggestion for Jerry Owens

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Hi. I’m not quite ready to start thinking about baseball yet. I probably should be at least a little excited, because my teams played each other today, but eh, it doesn’t count and I’m very busy being mad at the Nuggets (shhhh, don’t tell them I’m watching their game right now).

However, I have a suggestion for Jerry Owens and I want to put it out there right away, so maybe he can find out about it because it’s the best idea anybody has ever had (shhhh, don’t tell anybody I’ve been drinking and totally overestimate the awesomeness of my stupid ideas). Last week, I read about how Jerry Owens is talking some shit about how many bases he’s going to steal this season (the article is here). He plans to rack up 65 stolen bases, putting him ahead of the awesomely speedy Scott Podsednik (I hope we see him in a Rockies uniform this year because having one of my 2005 World Series White Sox players here in Denver is my #2 ultimate dream, ultimate dream #1 being Jon Garland showing up at my house to declare his undying love for me) who stole 59 in 2004-05.

I know — I’m biased because Jerry Owens is a cutie and I just kinda like him. But don’t let that distract you from his awesome attitude. Seriously. Here’s a quote from the article:

My mom always told me to set the goal high and as soon as you get it, set another one. Every year I’ve improved my stolen base total. I had 56 last year combined [with the Sox and Triple-A Charlotte], and this year it’s 65.

How awesome is that? He mentions mom and kicking ass at the same time. I wish he could come play for the Nuggets.

But anyway, if there’s one thing I know well, it’s the at-bat music of Colorado Rockies players. That’s not exactly helpful here, but hey, I’ve tried to learn about at-bat music for the White Sox, although it’s not really that easy when you’re not there to go to White Sox games. Believe it or not, there’s some inaccurate information about baseball entrance music on the internet, so I don’t always trust what I find out there.

Anyway, according to the internet, Jerry Owens had some Dr. Dre music last year. That’s great and I love Dre as much as the next person, but Jerry Owens needs to rethink his musical selection. Here’s the thing. Jerry Owens needs to use the song “Watch My Feet” by Dude N Nem as his at-bat music. Seriously. These guys are from the South Side of Chicago. The song is the best thing I’ve heard in at least a year. For real. Dude (or is that Nem?) even wears a Sox hat in the video. Check it out.

I’m right, aren’t I? And holy crap that makes me miss Chicago. Jerry Owens, I hope you find this. The universe intended this song for you.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about baseball today. I have to go back to not watching the second half of the Nuggets game.

Written by Tracy

February 27th, 2008 at 10:16 pm