I finally figured out the purpose of Vine.

It has something to do with dogs and chickens. Make sure to un-mute, so you really get an idea of what it’s like at our place. Oof.

This is my stupid life . . . and why you need a predator-proof enclosure for your chickens. Although to tell you the truth, I think they just want to play with the chickens, but it’s not going to happen because I value the safety of our avian friends.

Sadie Pinscher

Min pin under pillow

I was worried that Sadie would start sleeping with Soren instead of Ben and me, but so far that hasn’t happened. She sometimes sleeps in his bed when he isn’t in it, but he usually kicks her out when he goes to sleep. I can’t even imagine not wanting to share your bed with a snuggly little dog. When Ben and I go to sleep, she snuggles with him. Eventually she moves to my leg triangle, which I think is self-explanatory — it’s the triangle that’s formed by one straight leg and one leg bent at the knee. The leg triangle makes a perfect sleeping spot for a little snuggly dog. On my terrible early-wake-up days, Sadie curls up under my pillow as soon as I get out of bed. I have to lift up the top pillow (I use 2) so she can snuggle under it.

Soren has been learning about the dogs. He knows Sadie is “a pinscher pinscher and a min pin” and has taken to calling her “Sadie Pinscher.” He knows Peaches is a Rottweiler. Coltrane is more difficult. It’s hard to say “black lab border collie,” so Soren usually refers to him as a “black border college.” The cats are generally classified as “tabby” or “non-tabby,” although I suspect that all cats are at least part tabby.